We just loved Machu Picchu. That is a memory of a lifetime. I thought that Alvin was a very capable and interesting guide. He knows his history and he has provocative and fascinating insights Manuel was also a kind and thoughtful guide- nice fellow. The drivers were really good. It isn’t easy driving in back road Peru!

Food: excellent, Hotels largely excellent. Aranwa and Casa Andina Private Collection in Lima were just right. Sanctuary Lodge is probably not a good value for $$, BUT you can’t beat the location by a mile and their food was delicious. We really enjoyed many things in Cusco (especially the kids dancing)… and we enjoyed lunch with the artist family in the sacred valley. He is good! She is a very good cook, too! I am so glad we saw the salt flats and agricultural research center- they were highlights for us, even though we didn’t feel all that great at the altitude yet.

Thanks for all you did for us and best of luck in the future.

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