Thanks for the nice follow-up. We had a great trip and have told many people about the wonderful arrangements you made for us.

We actually have very few pictures of ourselves on the trip. Below is one that I am sure is from a position you have seen before. When I show it to people they can’t believe it and ask if we are posed in front of a large poster! This was taken with our cell phone. It was taken late in the day after most of the visitors had left the park.

I am currently working on images from the trip but am afraid it will be some time as I like to take my time editing and working on the select images. At the end of our trips we like to put together a 150-200 page coffee-table size book on the trip complete with captions so we can remember the specifics of the trip as time the years pass. As I photograph I actually like to think in terms of pages spreads and mini picture stories for the major highlights of the trip.

If you are interested, I have a website where you can see some of the images from our past trips.  Eventually I will add some of the Peru pictures to the site. The address is From the home page click on Galleries for a listing. The trips last year to Ecuador and Iceland were particularly exciting for the wildlife and landscapes. The C&O Canal is a US National Park that starts a few miles from our house and runs along the Potomac River for 184.5 miles. This is a project Bill and I have been working on for several years and hope to publish a book on it.

Thanks again for a fantastic trip,