I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful trip that you and your team provided to my father and I. Everything during the trip was wonderful and we were taken care of every step of the way. The itinerary you created for us was perfect, given the length of time we had. My only regret is that I didn’t plan for a longer vacation, because we had such a great time. All of the guides and drivers we had were exceptional, but I have to specifically mention Julio and Miguel.

Miguel has excellent driving skills and his unflappable nature during the occasional difficult (and/or congested) driving conditions was a marvel to us, as we are used to seeing a lot of impatient and discourteous drivers at home. We really enjoyed having Julio as our guide; he is very knowledgeable, helpful and personable.

He helped us try to find the location of a particular shop during our guided tour of Cusco, and when we found that it had moved (requiring a taxi ride out of the historical area of town), he volunteered to meet us the next morning and accompany us to the shop. That he would accompany us on his day off to make sure we found the shop and assist with any necessary language translation was very much appreciated. We really enjoyed both their company.

Being able to see Machu Picchu was the intent of this trip and while it was the highlight, I did not expect to become so enamored with the Sacred Valley’s beauty, culture and the warmth of its people. I think that touring with your company allowed us to connect on a more personal level and I was truly sad to leave. It really did feel like we were leaving friends.

A direct result of how much I enjoyed this trip is that it has created a desire to return, which I hope to do before too much time passes by.

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