I can’t tell you how impressed we were with Kuoda. We will surely have great things to say about you on Trip Advisor and Facebook. I cannot think of anything negative to say about our trip and the way it was handled by Kuoda. From the very beginning planning stage with you Jenny to the actual tour itself. Lauren and I were so comfortable and impressed with Pilar and Ceasar, they really made the trip enjoyable. The sights we saw and the freedom of movement afforded by a private tour were remarkable. But it was the organization, punctuality and decency of the Kuoda Team that made all of the obvious grandeur of what Peru had to offer that much better. The only thing I can suggest is that you maintain the private lunches. Lauren and I were at first skeptical when Pilar told us we would be enjoying lunch at a local house. We had visions of questionable food in difficult surroundings and we could not have been more wrong. The shock and wonder of seeing the magnificent homes and tasting the delicious home-cooked food were a real highlight. I think Lauren would like to dedicate herself to being as much like Aida Paz Motta Cornejo as possible. Anyway, we want to thank everyone at Kuoda who helped make our first wedding anniversary a memorable one.