I am been very busy since I got home but wanted to share my thoughts with you on our trip. First of all Rudy did an outstanding job as did our driver, who kept the car very clean and drove with the utmost care. We all are very independent travelers and have never used a tour company or guides before. But this trip we only had a few days in Peru and knew that this was too special of a place for us to try to do by ourselves. So we turned our trust over to you and a fine job you did.

I feel that we got 110% of our money’s worth and this trip was worth every cent. I could have not done a better job myself even for two times the price. The accommodations, food and transportation were all very comfortable and made you feel more “local” then tourist. Rudy really kept an eye out for us and made sure we had a good time and took very good care of us. You and your staff did such a great job I will be forever grateful.

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