We had such a wonderful time in Peru. It’s been fun going through photos and talking to friends and family about all our experiences. It truly will be an experience we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives.

Kuoda did a wonderful time planning our trip and every host, driver and guide we had were wonderful. We really loved Holger and can’t believe how much we learned from him. We were very impressed how the situation with our luggage was handled. We understand that mistakes and surprises happen and although it was stressful to hear that we may not have our luggage for a night, Kuoda handled the situation rapidly. It was great to get our luggage that night and then have Merry come visit us at the hotel. It really made a good impression on us.

Our trip was wonderful. All the planning was perfect and we loved everything we got to experience. I will be sending photos as soon as I get them downloaded to my computer.

Amanda & Chris

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