My husband and I had done some research and knew some spots we wanted to explore in Peru, but we knew we didnt want a group tour.

Victoria, Kuoda trip planner, helped us sort through the myriad of options and arranged the most efficient travel schedule. She worked closely with us to put us into quality lodging and to meet our budget targets. She encouraged us to include some unique places in the itinerary. All of her logistics worked out wonderfully. Much of the time it was my husband and me with a driver and a guide. We loved Peru, but what made the trip were the Kuoda people: the planners and everybody! from those who met our planes and transferred our luggage and our drivers to our special personal guide, Betshi, made this an absolute favorite.

Victoria and Mery (owner) checked in with us to make sure all was well. Everyone from Kuoda was extremely knowledgeable and took so much pride in their Peruvian heritage and personalized their service beyond any of our expectations.

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