Many thanks to everyone who works for you and who I came into contact with through you. Each person I interacted with was ultra professional, a wonderful disposition/personality, truly helpful and concerned, had great response to questions/concerns and easy to work with. Having this level of competency across your staff & independent partners is very difficult and a true testimony to you and the way you run the company.

  • Lotte was fantastic to work with and she built the perfect itinerary.
  • Each agent in Lima was there waiting for us the minute our plane landed and took great care to ensure we reached our destination easily and comfortably.
  • Eduardo Castro and Juan (driver) were the best tag team in the Sacred Valley/Cusco we could have dreamed of.
  • Eduardo’s passion, knowledge, personality, love of Peru, ease of life and overall gentleness made Gay and I feel like we were with family every minute we were together. Seeing Peru through the “back door” was a specialty of Eduardo!
  • Each hotel was good to excellent and Sol Y Luna is the pinnacle of hotels that we will never ever experience again.
  • Lunch with your friends house & baking bread were side trips that no tourist truly experiences.
  • Having Alex check in on us in Cuzco made us feel like someone was watching over us.
  • Having everything prepaid, prearranged, our own car/driver allowed us to experience every minute in Peru without concern or worry.
  • Refugio Amazonas was amazing and Naun our guide was incredible with his knowledge of the rain forest and his ability to spot birds and animals and then explain everything in detail was perfect.

I had very high expectations as I had read all the positive statements about Kuoda online and with high expectations it is easy to have disappointment… But Kuoda and all your partners exceeded those high expectations and gave Gay and I the best 25th anniversary trip we could have dreamed of!!!!

Gay and I read the book “Turn Right at Machu Picchu” by Mark Adams while exploring the Sacred Valley/Cuzco. It is so good you should include it as recommended reading with every itinerary you send out. Look it as it was a New York Times best seller in 2011 and it is a fun easy read that everyone will enjoy.

Thank you for your attention, your concern and obviously your love for every client – it will be impossible to top this trip thanks to your team! We only hope that you and your staff let us know if you are ever in San Francisco California as we would love to show you the same hospitality when you visit!

Our Deepest thanks

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