My husband I just finished a two week stay in Peru for our 10th wedding anniversary. I usually like to plan everything myself and we both really dislike tour groups. But I started to have trouble with the logistics of getting around to see the all sights.

I emailed Kuoda and gave them a general outline of what I wanted. Kuoda made everything so easy and it made the vacation so much more relaxing. They organized all logistics like tickets and transportation. All you have to do is show up when they tell you to and enjoy.

Our tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. We had a great time with them and learned a ton. Knowing the history of what we were visiting just made it that much more enjoyable.

It also seems like they have great communication. They are always checking in to see how you are doing and are just so helpful and friendly. I emailed in some questions during the trip and they were super quick to respond.

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