We all had a fabulous  time and will surely recommend  Kuoda to anyone interested in Peru.

So many memories and funny moments, we all got along well and communicated in four languages. English, German, Czech and Renate speaks fluent Spanish (lived in Puerto Rico for many years) so she did a lot of negotiations on our free days.  First class accommodations in all locations, especially in the jungle we were surprised at the level of comfort and amenities.  As far as high altitude is concerned, I was the one who suffered most (thanks to  my age and weight) but everywhere there was a helping hand to  pull me up the steps or slopes, and there was no rush to get where we were going.  The arrangements you set in motion prior to our arrival were evident and much appreciated.  Bottles of water in the car the moment we arrived everywhere, guides awaiting us with “Maja Fara “signs who whisked us and our luggage out of the airports without any visible effort.

Not to mention the military marching band which met us at the airport in Cusco (your president was in town and here we thought it was all in our honor HA HA).  Hotel accommodations were superb, sightseeing more interesting than we anticipated, everything done in an unhurried manner but we knew a lot of work had been put in prior to our arrival.

Our trip couldn’t have been better and I couldn’t have picked a better group of people to travel with.  Everybody returned happy and will certainly recommend Kuoda Travel to our friends.

Have a great day,

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