Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. We had a great personal experience in Peru with Kuoda Travel. So let me start at the beginning…

Jesus was great working with us to come up with an itinerary that we wanted. He was always very quick to respond and personable (that even came across in email). He seemed truly interested in making it the best trip it could be for us. He always answered our questions and concerns in a timely manner. It was nice to finally meet him when we arrived in Cusco!

Our experiences with Ophelia were outstanding! She is not only a wealth of knowledge about the area but she is fun to be with. She quickly understood the pace we liked and responded accordingly. I think we got in some extra hiking! It was an advantage that she speaks Quechua so that she could communicate with many of the people in the small villages. This made it a much more personal experience. She also happily honored some special requests that we had like a visit to the ceramic store in Urubamba and eating guinea pig!

Juan is also a very nice, good natured man. Ophelia and he were a very nice combination! We enjoyed them both very much. They both seem to enjoy what they are doing and that truly makes a difference! It created a fun atmosphere.

We didn’t have much time in Lima but Vanessa was also very informative and nice. She did a great tour of Lima. It gave us a totally different perspective after staying in Miraflores.

Alex is very nice, communicative and eager to please. He seemed truly interested that we were having a good time. It was nice of him to check in with us at Sol y Luna. We asked him to book the chocolate factory tour in Lima for us and that was done when we arrived.

Overall we had a great trip and would recommend Kuoda to anyone traveling to Peru! Thank you,