First of all, we’d both like to say THANK YOU to you, and to your staff for giving us such a wonderful experience in Peru! We have been reviewing all the different places we visited, the experiences we had, and especially all the fascinating and wonderful people who we met in Peru. We were very impressed with Kuoda’s arrangements, and we were most impressed with our guides: Victor Hugo in Arequipa, Evon (spelling?) in Puno, and of course, Maria Theresa in the Cusco area. Our drivers were great as well: Christian, Jaime, Denis, Louis, & Rafael. Jaime and Maria Theresa were our absolute favorites as a guide & driver duo, and we had fun and learned so much from the two of them. All of your staff who we met were helpful and very friendly, and we would highly recommend you and the entire Kuoda staff to anyone visiting Peru.

In all our years of traveling, this was actually our very first time using an “in-country” travel service, and we were extremely impressed with Kuoda! We loved our itinerary, and we were so glad we included Puno, Arequipa, and Colca Canyon, as those were areas originally in question as to whether we should travel to, since we really did not know much about those areas. We learned that southern Peru is so very different from the Cusco and Sacred Valley area, and we’re certain northern Peru will be different from all the other places we’ve seen of Peru so far. We feel we learned so much about Peru, but we realize there is so much we have yet to learn. This recent trip has most definitely made our top 10 list of adventures, and we feel certain you will be getting e-mail enquiries from folks we know as people continue to ask about our trip experience. Without a doubt, Kuoda will come very highly recommended by us!! With all best wishes!

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