We’re sitting in the departure lounge in Santiago waiting for our flight to Australia with our holiday to South America a wonderful memory.

As you know, we went to Astrid y Gaston last night for dinner and the meal was just delicious. Thank you for recommending the restaurant and also for making the booking. Everything worked out so well.

We also appreciated Cesar’s suggestion to book into a small hotel in the Miraflores area so that we could shower and have a rest after coming out to the jungles. That worked a treat and gave us an opportunity to ‘tart up’ a little for dinner instead of wearing the clothes we’d been in all day.

We were bowled over by Mery spending some of her precious time with us in Cusco. She’s a gem and her gift of a handcrafted photo frame was ever so thoughtful. We’ll now have to decide which one of John’s ‘trillion’ photos of Peru will go into the frame. I somehow think that it will be the one of the hummingbird flying vertically inverted. He’s more than a little chuffed about that one.

Maybe you might visit Australia to photograph our bird life. John has actually taken a photo of a sulphur crested cockatoo flying backwards. This was a rare sight.