We would like to thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to meet with us in Cusco before our trip to Puerto Maldonaldo and the Amazon, we really appreciated it.  It was such a pleasure and honour to meet you after having been in communication with Victoria and Kuoda for so long.  We truly do hope we can return to Cusco, and, as discussed, possibly rent an apartment in the Sans Blas area for a month.  A side trip to Trujillo and surroundings on the North Coast look very appealing and we look forward to communications with you and Kuoda for our future plans.  After all, your company has now provided us with two trips of a lifetime!

Who knew two years ago our lives would have been changed and that we have fallen in love with not only Bolivia but now Peru and her wonderful people!  Yes, it is true, all countries around the world have many problems, however, that does not take away how proud you should feel about your country and its people.  North America has lost a lot of civility over the decades and we cherish how in your country people still treat others with kindness and respect and have held on to such strong family values.  I hope these values continue to flourish and it is one of our missions to promote tourism whenever we can.  South America is truly a living history and is an astounding place.  We feel everyone should visit if they are fortunate enough to do so.

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to tell you about our Jungle experience.  We watched a mother Jaguar with cub for an hour (just across from the Macaw Clay Lick); saw two Tapirs (close range); two caimans; a number of Capybaras; a very large snake; some monkeys and more.  The jaguars and tapirs I know were extremely rare sightings — we can’t believe our luck!!!!!!!! Karma was with us the entire trip!!!!!!  Unforunately, Rob picked up a bad cough and upset stomach on the plane home.  At  least we stayed in good health while away, no altitude sickness, just some mild diarrhea, a little motion sickness but nothing serious or anything to affect the enjoyment of our vacation.  We do have a few more days to relax until we get back to work on Mon. Oct. 1st, so I’m sure he’ll feel better by then.

Take care of yourselves and give our love to your husband, little Maja and all the people at Kuoda who help make people’s dreams come true.

Keep in touch.

Warmest Regards,

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