Kouda Travel has the nicest, most flexible, well informed, and friendly staff I’ve encountered in a tour company, I am so happy to have gone with them vs. some of the others (which I later encountered/overheard at Machu Picchu).

They worked well with my budget and time which still allowed me to be comfortable and not feel rushed, their selection was excellent and when I arrived a few hours early in Cusco at the last minute, I barely had to wait 10 minutes (I was expecting to have to wait an hour or so). Eliacin, my guide, was extremely well informed and flexible, allow us to adjust the itinerary based on where I wanted to spend more time or on how to avoid the crowds. I highly recommend Kouda travel for anyone traveling through Peru, I will use them for all future travels!

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Urb. Marcavalle N-25, Cusco - Peru
113 Baldwin Blvd. Lake Worth, FL 33463