All of our guides were wonderful. As far as our highlights, we enjoyed pretty much everything. We absolutely loved Machu Picchu and the Floating Islands. If you asked my kids what the best part was, they’d be torn between Machu Picchu, the Floating Islands, and the Amazon (but I think Machu Picchu would win).

For me, as wonderful as those sights were, I loved the people. The Quechwa people of the Andes stole my heart. What charming people! And the people that lived on the Uros were absolutely delightful! I also loved my visit to the orphanage in Puno and I wanted to thank Edson, Jose Luiz, and Victor for making that possible. That was such a wonderful experience, and I will not forget them. I’m already working with some people here to raise money to buy things they need and ship it over.

So, while I know that wasn’t on my itinerary, I want to thank you all for making that happen!

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