I am on my way to Chicago tomorrow, but wanted to let you know briefly that the trip went really well.  All the staff was very good and we really appreciated being picked up and dropped off by the drivers.  (Jaime was especially nice, please say hello.)  No problems with any of the tickets – which again saved us time.  And I climbed Huayna Picchu in just over an hour and think I have some great photos – but have not had time to look yet.

I can see I made some errors in planning; we would have liked a couple more days in Cusco – but that was a function of the plane tickets and nothing to do with you or on your end.  Richard was delighted and surprised to meet your boss/colleague Mary at the airport and felt that was really far more than you needed to do.

I promise to write a little more, but just wanted to send a quick note.   All in all a great success (and too much good food.)

Mary Kelly