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Thomas works closely with you to ensure the perfect itinerary from our team to you, and makes sure all details are in place for your arrival. Born and raised in the UK, Tom traveled through Europe, Asia and all of South America before settling in Peru. He loves nature, particularly birds, and he enjoys exploring the wonders of the Peruvian countryside – make sure to ask him the best way to experience South America’s diverse wildlife! Thomas is also passionate about environmental conservation, history, and photography, and can be found enjoying sports or taking his children for a spin on his motorbike in his free time!

Most recent trip/cultural activity

Argentina. The culture of Buenos Aires, the glaciers of El Calafate and the waters of the mighty Iguazú. Combined with the meats, wines and empanadas, simply perfect.

Favorite Trip Experience

Manu. Deeper into the jungle, most biodiverse area on the planet. Heading out during the night searching for invertebrates and reptiles. Specifically looking for spiders and snakes, and finding wolf spiders, tarantulas and boas while everything is pitch black all around… The rush of finding something two feet away, that every single day and night can bring different wildlife your way – it even beats my interest in birds.

Next Trip

No plans just yet… would love to take the kids and camera to some remote area like Gocta Falls in northern Peru, or something new for the kiddos, somewhere even Argentina like Patagonia or Bariloche.

Be sure to ask me about...

  • Photography!
  • The jungle and anywhere with wildlife, nature, scenery.
  • The logistics and getting the most out of time in each country.
  • Ancient treks of the Incas.
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