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Silvana is in charge of Human Resources at Kuoda Travel, maximizing the skills of the people in the agency. She was born and raised in Cusco, and began to travel through Peru and the world in 2019. She loves the sound of airplanes at takeoff, trying interesting, typical food in each place she visits, capturing unparalleled landscapes, and enjoying every moment of the journeys she takes. When not traveling, Silvana enjoys being at home with her funny husband and her beautiful cat Donna, watching superhero movies and NBA games, recording ASMR videos for YouTube, or editing photos of her daily life for Instagram.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

The most recent trip Silvana enjoyed was to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, known as the mirror of the world. It was an otherworldly, wonderful place full of stunning landscapes. She felt like she was in paradise, as if she could touch the sky with my own hands. Also, Batman was in Uyuni, so she’s just as cool as Batman.

Favorite Trip Experience

Silvana’s favorite and most memorable journey was a trip around the world through 03 continents and 08 countries. She started an exciting month-long adventure, where I shared wonderful moments with wonderful people, made new friends, tried to communicate in other languages, and learned about different cultures, customs and religions. She had incredible experiences: she cried when she saw the tomb of Tutankhamun, felt claustrophobic when climbing the Pyramids of Giza, fell in love with herself in Paris, was fascinated by the gigantic city of Petra, got lost, suitcase broke, and so much more, and she would not trade a moment for anything in the world. They say that nobody returns being the same person after a meaningful trip, it is totally true, she only has a heart full of beautiful moments.

Next Trip

Next, Silvana would love to travel to India, enjoy the exotic landscapes and the very spicy food, taking a million pictures in every corner.

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