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Jason is one of the smiling faces waiting to greet you at the Cusco airport. Jason makes sure things run smoothly as you explore the beauty of South America. He is on call and available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When he is not taking care of his Kuoda guests, he can be found strolling through the emblematic streets of Cusco or exploring the surrounding areas on his bicycle. He is full of friendly, competent energy, and you will definitely enjoy his company. Jason is the guy to turn to for advice, tips, and fun suggestions of things to do during any down time you may have.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

A lover of nature and adventure, Jason recently did the hike from Pumamarca to Ollantaytambo. It was his second time on this walk, but this time it was even more incredible, as there were no other travelers on the route, walking towards a spectacular sun. Best of all was that their guide was raised near the ruins of Pumamarca, and told all the stories that only someone who has lived there can know.

Favorite Trip Experience

It was in Ecuador. Ecuador is a sister country, so similar his home country of Peru, but at the same time very different. Traveling along the corridor of the volcanoes, the haciendas still full of their splendor, the slash farms and with thousands of colors, the rich culture and the warmth of the people took him by surprise. His experience in Ecuador ended with a journey through the Galapagos and it was the cherry on the cake of the whole trip, because seeing such a different and unique place on the planet was extraordinary. Walking through the crater of extinguished volcanoes, nature and seeing all the unique flora and fauna was pure magic. There is so much to see that one life would not be enough.

Next Trip

Jason has not yet planned his next trip, but he would like to take a trip by car and go from town to town getting to know Peru more thoroughly, living pure experiences up close with people.

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