Gabriela Apaza



Gaby is a Cusco native, one of our main accountants by profession, providing full support within Kuoda’s finance department. When she is not reading books, she usually likes to experience new places, nature, and fully enjoys the simple things in life. With a lot left to discover, her plan is to travel throughout South America and explore as many natural wonders as possible for years to come. Knowing that she is part of the Kuoda Travel team not only inspires her regarding the destinations and experiences we offer, but that she also fulfills her ambitions to deliver an authentic South American experience to all of our valued travelers.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

The most recent trip Gaby took was a foray into the Sacred Valley, enjoying the scenic hike from the lovely village of Chinchero to the impressive the Poc Poc waterfall – one of the best ways to spend a day just outside of Cusco.

Favorite Trip Experience

Her most memorable trip was a visit to the iconic Galapagos Islands, enjoying the chance to cruise from island to island, looking for endemic flora and fauna while enjoying everything the lovely ship had to offer.

Next Trip

With so many options to choose from, Gaby still hasn’t picked one place to set her sights on yet – will she visit the Amazon Jungle? Or perhaps Patagonia? Only time will tell!

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