Anne Ng



Anne is passionate about traveling, meeting people, and learning about new cultures. When Anne isn’t working, you can find her traveling throughout Peru with her backpack and iPhone, indulging a desire and curiosity to learn more about the fascinating history and culture of Peru, while tasting its wonderful cuisine. She was born in Asia, but lived in the US for a good part of her life before now considering Cusco as her home. Anne would love to share with you her experiences traveling in Peru and South America.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

Cartagena, Colombia. A beautiful colorful city that matches its interesting and lively history.

Favorite Trip Experience

One of my most memorable travel experiences was traveling to Kyoto, Japan a few years ago and seeing the Kinkakuji Temple covered with snow. And like a dream, the snow slowly melted away as I walked through the temple.

Next Trip

It has always been a dream for me to visit the Patagonia from Torres del Paine in Chile to El Calafate in Argentina. I hope that you will find me there soon!

"Be sure to ask me about"

  • Culture and History of Peru
  • Restaurants, especially finding the best “Chifas” in Peru