Top Things to Consider Atop The Golden Hill of Coroico, Bolivia

The Golden Hill of Coroico Bolivia
Bolivia is an authentically beautiful landlocked country, with unique places like the Salt Flats of Uyuni, the lush rainforest, and old gold-rush towns. The high-altitudes which Bolivia is famous for can be quite exhausting, and thus the town of Coroico offers the perfect retreat for travelers.

Coroico (“The Golden Hill” in Quechua) is located in Nor Yungas Province, and is only 50 kilometers from La Paz. It is the ideal location if you are planning to take on the vast empty planes of Bolivia which typically provides less oxygen – or if you would like to take a break from traveling to Bolivia’s popular highlands.

If you are looking for a nice place to spend a night before heading up to La Paz, or perhaps to the jungle, Coroico offers many things to do as well as opportunities to relax and rejuvenate.  Due to the lower elevation, you can expect good weather conditions and more of a “resort” vibe in the atmosphere.

We at Kuoda have summarized the top things to consider when passing through Coroico, keep reading if you would like to learn more.

Death Road

Death Road Coroico

Death Road, or “The North Yungas Road” as it was initially called, is a route of about 60 kilometers long that was constructed by Paraguayan Prisoners of War from the deadly Chaco conflict of the 1930s. The purpose was to connect La Paz with Las Yungas and the Amazon.

It was declared the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” as an estimated number of 300 people per year perished on the road before construction of a newer road between La Paz and Coroico was completed in 2006.

Nowadays Death Road is better known as a cycling route, and cyclists from all over the world travel to Bolivia to take on this famous jaw-clenching journey. There are many tour operators that cater to downhill mountain biking, and they provide everything from gear, guides, transport and proper equipment.

La Senda Verde

La Senda Verde

If you are an animal lover and you are passionate about conservation of natural habitats and protecting endangered species, then La Senda Verde is a must if you are stopping in Coroico. The sanctuary was established in 2003 by the founders, Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy.

The inspiration came from a deep need to educate the local citizens about the harmful effects of illegal animal trafficking, high deforestation, agricultural activities, pesticides and forest fires. Statistics have proven that illegal animal trade is the third most lucrative illicit business in the world.

Senda Verde will light up your heart, especially if you see the efforts the caretakers go through to provide the best care and happiest lives for the animals who live here. You can visit the sanctuary by day, but be aware of the different timetables to respect the natural bio-clocks of the animals, and allow a low-stress situation for them. There is also the option for lodging, which provides a very authentic experience living between the animals in nature.


Zipline Coroico

If Death Road wasn’t enough adrenaline for you, or if you prefer to fly high in the sky like a free bird, ziplining provides the perfect rush, and it is the perfect way to take in the beautiful scenery from a bird’s eye view.

There are a few different places that offer ziplining, some of the steel cables stretching as far as 1500 meters and speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour. The ziplines of reputable centers were designed to exceed international safety standards.

These exciting rides in the sky have been offering thrills to thousands of people and no major accidents have been reported thus far. It is safe for kids above the age of 7 years old with adult supervision of course, which makes it a great family activity.

Savor the local cuisine

Coroico food

Before taking on the inclines of the higher planes, Coroico can take care of you through the love of its local cuisine. “Carbo-load” in one of the many different restaurants which offer a variety of options for all pallets.

Carla’s Garden Pub is just down the stairs from the main plaza, and here you can find the best European fare in town. The pub has a very relaxed, laid-back feel, and you can meet other tourists sharing draft beer in the evenings.

Coroico has a delicious pizza hangout, Pizzeria Toto, which serves excellent handmade pasta and a selection of rich sauces and toppings. It might be small, but the mouth-watering Italian cuisine is definitely worth rubbing shoulders with other visitors.

Take in the views from the best local stay

Coroico can be easily visited on a day trip from La Paz, but if you are seeking a longer retreat and crave the oxygen-rich air for more than one day, there are many options for lodging in this little Bolivian town.

Depending on your preference, there are guesthouses and small hotels that offer a variety of facilities like outdoor swimming pools and comfortable, spacious rooms.  Hotel Gloria is a three-star hotel, and the most luxurious place to stay in Coroico. It has a great in-house restaurant and a games room for children.

Be aware that Coroico is a very popular destination among the locals, and the town tends to fill up during Bolivian public holidays. Rates also vary between midweek, weekend and holidays. So be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

How to get there

La Paz Bolivia

There is a new highway open to public use with stunning scenery and landscapes that give you a proper view of Coroico.  As mentioned before, Coroico is located 50 kilometers from La Paz and the trip can be done in one day.

The most comfortable and convenient option is to rent a private car or taxi to take you from La Paz to Coroico, which takes about two hours and passes through winding hills, showcasing awesome sites like the icy Andean peaks to the lush jungle below.

You can also take the Most Dangerous Road in the World, aka “Death Road”, if you are up for an adventure and have more time on your hands. There are agencies in Sagarnaga-street in La Paz that offer this expedition.

Explore Bolivia with Kuoda

Coroico with kuodaThere are so many things to do and explore in Bolivia. There are the daunting peaks of Bolivia, the mesmerizing Uyuni Salt Flats, the valley of the moon, and so much more. These are just a few examples of the great contrasts and endless experiences that this diverse country has to offer.

Since Bolivia is so diverse, and there is so much to explore and to experience, we understand the stresses involved in planning a cohesive trip such as this one. It is important to plan properly and to have a smart itinerary in place so that you can be sure not to miss anything on your list.

Kuoda specializes in customized luxury travel throughout South America, and we have trained professionals on our team who are passionate about what they do. We can create the perfect package for you, which will include everything that you need to make your experience absolutely incredible.

Get in contact with us today, and start planning your trip with us. We promise a fun, exciting, and memorable journey. Speak with one of our trip designers to talk about your specific needs and requirements.

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