A Guide To The Perfect Couples Trip To the Amazon Rainforest

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Whether for a honeymoon, anniversary, or any celebration of your love, a couples trip to the Amazon rainforest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for couples to explore together. From discovering rare flora and fauna to learning about indigenous cultures, and experiencing untouched landscapes, the Amazon rainforest draws travelers from all over the world.

With rich, lush jungles, unique species, and a wealth of adventure opportunities – a luxury vacation in the Amazon is perfect for couples looking for a memorable getaway that puts them in one of the most remote locations on the planet. Though planning a trip to the Amazon Rainforest may seem complicated, Kuoda has it down to a science and our team of travel experts is ready to curate a magical experience for you and your significant other on your couples trip to the Amazon rainforest. Here’s what to know:

Land vs. River

Land vs. River

Many couples enjoy the privacy and flexibility of traveling through the convenience, luxury, and personalized experience of an Amazon River cruise, which takes adventurous couples on one of the world’s most rewarding wildlife expeditions. Journey deep into the heart of the largest rainforest on Earth on a boat trip down the Amazon, an untouched realm of boundless biodiversity.

With most of Peru covered in jungle, river cruising is one of the best, and sometimes only, ways to explore the region—particularly in the dense Amazon Rainforest. Breathtaking jungle scenery, wild adventures, mouth-watering Amazonian cuisine, spectacular sunsets, and star-lit evenings are just a few of the things that make an Amazon cruise such a formidable formula for an unforgettable experience for a couple’s trip to the Amazon Rainforest.

Most cruise liners offer 3, 4, and 7-night cruises, with most visitors choosing 4-night stays. Ships depart from Iquitos and take travelers through the Amazon communities. Don’t think you’ll be forgoing luxury on your cruise to the Amazon, rooms on most cruise liners to the Amazon Rainforest have indulgent cabins with large beds, top-of-the-range toiletries and linens, and private terraces – sometimes with your own private plunge pool. Meal times are a tantalizing treat for the tastebuds with delicious gourmet meals served over romantic candlelight or privately in a honeymoon suite, and an attentive crew will accommodate any special requests. Read more about Iquitos and the Amazon River HERE.

Where To Stay

• Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

The private cabanas of the Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica are a dream destination for travelers who want to enjoy a sustainable, five-star experience in South America!

Located on the Madre de Dios River in Peru, the individual wooden cabanas provide a peaceful oasis for your tropical escape. While the property is easily accessible, it feels completely remote in the best way possible.

There are four options for cabana which vary in price and features, so you can tailor the experience to your needs. Our favorite is the Tambopata Suite, which gives travelers access to a private terrace with sunbathing chairs, an outdoor shower, and a plunge pool when you need to cool off. Every cabana is constructed beautifully from organic, natural materials such as thatched palm roofs and Ese’ Eja style wooden architecture. No detail is missed here, with hypoallergenic bedding and luxurious, eco-friendly toiletries.

While you stay, take advantage of Inkaterra’s selection of excursions and opportunities, from a relaxing spa to trekking the Amazon. Their activities range between quarter-day activities and full excursions, allowing you to customize your Amazonian vacation. For a romantic adventure, enjoy the Rainforest by Night excursion and see the Inkaterra Ecological Reserve come to life after hours. Or, spend a day exploring with their Tambopata excursion, which involves hiking and canoeing as you look for rare animal species, and enjoy a guided tour of a lush garden featuring 200 medicinal plants.

And when relaxation is calling your name, take advantage of the heavenly spa, Ena. Select your treatments and enjoy the natural blessings provided by exotic Amazonian ingredients that help hydrate, energize, and improve your skin and body! Views of the Madre de Dios River are right outside this spa, surrounding you in a completely serene environment for the most luxurious, but sustainable indulgence you’ll find in the Amazon.

Best of all, the Inkaterra Association is directly benefited from your stay. Several projects are always ongoing at Inkaterra, such as forest conservation, research for how to sustainably grow and produce new plants in the Amazon, and biodiversity monitoring. Currently, Inkaterra manages over 30,000 acres of land in the Amazon, pouring efforts into rebuilding and conserving land that has been damaged by deforestation over the last several decades.

• The Refugio Amazonas Lodge & Spa

The Refugio Amazonas Lodge & Spa

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest in the Tambopata National reserve lies The Refugio Amazonas Lodge & Spa, a secluded Amazon Rainforest lodge with 32 uniquely jungle-inspired rooms. Here, guests can explore the surrounding rainforest with a skilled Amazon guide to find many different animals and plants. Guests are guaranteed to see a plethora of wildlife including monkeys, such as tamarins, capuchins, red howler monkeys, and titi monkeys, fascinating reptiles, and many colorful birds. The hotel makes for the perfect base to see incredible wildlife, tour the nearby lake, visit the parrot clay lick, and observe the rainforest from the canopy tower.

The dining room at Refugio Amazonas is an open-air structure designed to take advantage of passive cooling and ventilation. The second-floor loft overlooks the rainforest canopy and provides a comfortable observation platform for viewing birds and primates.

Among the amenities at Refugio Amazonas are a boutique, a spa area, with optional massage and aromatherapy treatments and on-site games and activities. This is a place to unplug, let the pressures of work slip away, and focus on the now.

The Refugio Amazonas Lodge is also the perfect place for couples looking to enjoy the comforts and convenience of a luxury hotel while still immersing themselves in the Amazon Rainforest activities. In addition to enjoying the Amazon Rainforest and its wildlife, the hotel offers a large range of activities and excursions including sustainable initiatives such as citizen science projects which help document the wildlife and conditions of the flora and fauna in the Amazon.

On Board

On Board

Various luxury cruise liners provide a standard of luxury for river cruising – from contemporary vessels with generously spacious interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows, private balconies, and observation decks. On board, some of the region’s finest chefs create refined cuisine from native Amazonian produce. Every day, expert naturalist guides conduct small-group excursions that reward guests with up-close wildlife encounters in the world’s most biodiverse rainforest. Many vessels also have a gym and spa on board, which means you and your significant other can keep up your fitness routine or wind the day down with a couples massage before stargazing on the observation deck at night.

Highlights of the Trip

Highlights of the Trip

Exploring the world’s largest tropical rainforest gives you the opportunity to get an in-person encounter with some of the world’s most unique creatures. Get a glimpse of macaws, monkeys, and many more of South America’s most curious animal inhabitants. Enjoy excursions like piranha fishing, jungle trekking, and wildlife watching. Prepare to see all kinds of jungle creatures, from graceful pink river dolphins to slow-moving sloths, as well as unique bird species of every imaginable color.

Beyond getting close to rare species and experiencing the activities of the jungle, visitors to the Amazon also have the opportunity to learn about the communities that make up the Amazon rainforest, touring, or even volunteering while getting the opportunity to learn about Amazonian cultures, from the inhabitants themselves. See a sample itinerary, with activities, HERE.

How to book

Work with on-the-ground experts and luxury travel designers at Kuoda travel who are committed to crafting the best possible experience for your luxury couple’s trip to the Amazon rainforest. For itinerary inspiration and to get in touch with the experts in luxury Amazon River vacations, visit our website for more.

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