Best Of Bogota On A Luxury Tour of Colombia

Best Of Bogota On A Luxury Tour of Colombia

If you’re planning a luxury tour of Colombia, be sure to spend a few days exploring Bogota! Nicknamed the “Athens of South America,” this bustling metropolis is a cultural hub where gastronomy, history, art, science, and education all converge. This thriving capital city is attracting more travelers every year as people fall head over heels for the diverse range of activities available.

Every type of adventurer will find something to love about Bogotá. Whether you’re a traveler who is passionate about finding the best culinary experiences in every city, or you want to dive into the art and history of Colombia, there is so much to discover here. As you plan your luxury tour of Colombia, consider adding a few days to your itinerary to explore this urban paradise! Below are just a few of the best things to do in Bogotá, including the best places to eat, luxury hotel options, and some of the must-do experiences in the city.

Best Places To Eat In Bogotá

Best Places To Eat In Bogota

Leo Cocina y Caba offers a gastronomic experience using the region’s most unique products celebrating the diversity of Colombia.

If you’re a food lover, Bogotá is one of the best cities to visit in South America. Here, you can find a little bit of everything: the traditional flavors of a Colombian feast, piping hot street food, elegant fine dining, and innovative experiments that leave you astounded. Add these restaurants to your itinerary to enjoy the tastiest local and fusion flavors available in Bogotá.

• For A Night Of Fusion Fine Dining, Book A Table At Harry Sasson

Across all of Colombia, restaurateur Harry Sasson has built a culinary empire that fuses traditional Latin American flavors with European and Asian culinary concepts, creating a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. Celebrated as one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the region, a reservation here is guaranteed to impress foodies who love fine dining that’s fun and bold, with recipes inspired from all over the world.

And don’t worry about things feeling too stuffy. With an open-kitchen concept that includes live-fire cooking and bartenders mixing drinks with flair, this restaurant is a fun place to relax and enjoy your meal at ease.

• For A Culinary Tour of Colombia’s Flavors, Dine At Leo Cocina y Cava

If you want to explore the best Colombian cuisine, spend an evening at Leo Cocina y Cava. Local chef Leonor Espinosa has curated a spectacular dining experience, using some of the weirdest produce grown in the region. Through her menu, Espinosa celebrates Colombia’s ecological diversity, using ingredients like bijao and copoazu in her multi-course tasting menu. Here, diners are truly taken on a culinary tour of the country’s various ecosystems.

Choose between eight and twelve courses, paired with a variety of different wines or non-alcoholic beverages made in-house like corozo berry juice. The menu is evolving and rotating as Chef Leonor explores the various seasonal ingredients blooming in Colombia, so every dinner is always different.

• Tradition Meets Innovation At Criterión

When you dine at Criterión, you’re dining at a historic culinary spot in Colombia. The Rausch brothers were among the first restaurateurs to introduce the “tasting menu” concept to Colombia in 2004. Since then, they have been named the best restaurant in the country three times, and are constantly building on a foundation of excellence to evolve the gastronomy scene in this region.

Explore a menu full of rich, complex flavors, including a legendary foie gras pate and braised lamb, as well as some brighter flavors like a beautiful cauliflower curry. If you’re planning a luxury tour of Colombia, dining here is a can’t-miss opportunity to discover the work of two chefs who have captured the taste buds of locals and travelers alike.

Where to Stay In Bogotá

Where to Stay In Bogota

Casa Legado is an ideal option for travelers seeking a quiet home away from home.

From romantic cozy hotels to luxury wellness retreats, Bogotá has a wide variety of five-star accommodations that will feel like a home away from home during your adventure. There are also several different neighborhoods you may be interested in staying in. While some areas, like La Candelaria, are very close to major sightseeing destinations, others are much trendier with a more bohemian vibe, like the Chapinero district. As you decide what you’re most excited about on your dream luxury tour of Colombia, we’ll help you decide where the best places to stay are! But, to help get you excited about visiting Bogotá, these are just a few of the best hotels in the city!

• Elegant Accommodations Meet Exciting Nightlife At B.O.G. Hotel

For travelers who love exploring the nightlife scene of a new city, but still want somewhere comfortable to rest at the end of an exciting day, the B.O.G. Hotel is an excellent space. Their sleek design incorporates natural elements into the architecture, creating a luxurious yet warm environment to enjoy during your stay. Their rooftop is one of the best features here, offering guests the perfect spot to enjoy a drink while overlooking the cityscape. Just outside your doorstep, the La Cabrera neighborhood is full of great spots for foodies and fashion lovers to explore.

• For A Home Away From Home Atmosphere, Stay At Casa Legado

If you’re looking for all the luxury comforts of a boutique hotel with the family vibes of a classic bed and breakfast, Casa Legado is the perfect option. Their mission is to bring guests pure happiness, which inspired every detail from colorful designs to the friendliest employees, including Eugenio, the doggy host who is sure to greet you with a wagging tail! Casa Legado is a place where you can make friends in the common spaces, rest in your private accommodations, a charming garden courtyard to stroll through after a communal breakfast full of Colombian coffee and delicate pastries.

• Escape To A Luxury Wellness Paradise At The Four Seasons

Travelers who want to spend their vacation indulging in some self-care should consider the beautiful Four Seasons Property in Bogotá. Located in the energetic Zona Rosa district, guests will have so many unique activities within walking distance. Discover charming local cafes, amazing shopping, and even some cool nightlife spots if you’re interested in seeing Bogotá after dark! But, one of the best reasons to stay in the Four Seasons is for their luxury spa. From skin treatments like a Colombian Coffee Wrap to incredible massage treatments to help soothe your muscles, this is an ideal escape for anyone looking to restore their mind and body during a luxury tour of Colombia.

The Best Things To Do In Bogotá

The Best Things To Do In Bogota

Spend a day in the district of La Candelaria, located in the old town but known for its colorful and charming streets.

Are you a thrill–seeker, or an art-lover? Do you prefer exploring the historic landmarks in a destination, or would you rather head to the shopping district and grab some unique souvenirs? No matter what type of activities you seek while traveling, this city has something special to offer. Here are some of the best things to do in Bogotá to keep you entertained on your South American vacation.

• Spend A Day Shopping Around Bogotá’s Coolest Boutiques

In addition to the street vendors, flea markets, and souvenir shops, Bogotá also has an amazing luxury shopping scene as long as you know where to look. Travelers with a passion for filling their wardrobes with pieces from around the world will be in paradise wandering through all the different boutiques and shopping malls throughout this city. One of the most popular shopping destinations here is the Andino Mall. Located in the upscale Zona T district, this mall is home to several high-end designer brands including international names like Dolce & Gabbana and Tiffany.

Or, if you’d rather roam through streets filled with local boutiques, head to the Los Rosales neighborhood. Known for its chic designs and luxury residential area, this part of the city is home to some fantastic storefronts. Many stores here are similar to the St. Dom boutique, which hosts a curated collection of garments and accessories sourced from numerous independent designers.

• Explore Bogotá’s Best Art Galleries For Emerging Artists

In recent years, the art scene in Bogotá has been exploding. The city is home to several internationally recognized art museums, like the Botero Museum or MAMBO. But for travelers who are passionate about seeing as much art as possible, make sure you explore some of the lesser-known galleries that feature underground and emerging artists.

Visit La Silueta Casa to discover how contemporary artists are creating pieces inspired by the forgotten stories and characters of Colombia’s history. Different exhibits rotate throughout the year, but each new installation features work from mid-career and emerging artists, so you’ll see the newest creative voices in the industry. Another well-respected gallery that’s a must-see is the Instituto de Vision. Their mission is to “investigate the artistic discourses that have been left out of the official history of art,” bringing work from the past and present together in an artistic symphony.

• Wander Around Bogotá’s Historic Old Town

For a laid-back day full of long walks, beautiful architecture, and a little history lesson about Bogotá, visit the La Candelaria district, which is widely known as the city’s Old Town. There are so many charming streets frozen in time, as well as some important landmarks to discover during your walking tour.

Stroll through Bolivar Square, the main historic plaza in the city. This has been a central point in Colombia’s history for centuries, where most of the political leadership has governed since the colonial period. At one point, there was even a public circus and a bull market that flourished here. Today, you can explore the various historic buildings, including the Palacio Liévano, once used as a palace but converted into the main city hall in the 20th century.

Plan Your Luxury Tour Of Colombia With Kuoda

If you want to explore the best of Bogotá and beyond, talk to a Kuoda travel expert and we’ll work with you to create the ultimate itinerary. Explore Colombia’s most important cultural sites, dine at the best restaurants, and discover some hidden gems that tourists often miss out on. Our team will ensure every detail is taken care of, so you can enjoy a dream vacation to this wonderful destination!

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