Where to Find the Best Coffee in Peru for Peruvian Coffee Day

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Peru for Peruvian Coffee Day

Did you know that some of the best coffee you will ever taste is grown in Peru? It’s true! There’s even a national holiday to celebrate local farmers, known as Peruvian Coffee Day, which happens every fourth Friday of August! In honor of this delicious day, we’ve curated a list of where to find the best coffee in Peru, so you can plan a tour of the country’s best beans.

If you plan to visit for Peruvian Coffee Day, you can expect an abundance of fairs, tastings, and special experiences highlighting locally produced beans. But, no matter what time of year you visit, these destinations are a perfect addition to any itinerary. Whether you’re a coffee snob or you just want a delicious cafe to enjoy in the morning, these are the places to find the best coffee in Peru!

What makes Peruvian coffee so delicious?

Makes Peruvian coffe so delicious

Coffee originates from Ethiopia, but with time and trade, this magical crop has made its way to South America to become one of the continent’s main exports. Places like Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico have all become well-known for their coffee production. So what makes Peruvian beans special?

The majority of beans produced here come from small farms, no larger than 8 acres in size. Each of these farms works together in coffee cooperatives, which allows them to dry and export their beans on an international level. Peru is also known for producing fair-trade, organic products. Earning these certifications takes as long as three years, but local farmers have shown great dedication to creating the highest quality bean possible.

Hand-picked beans are grown in unique microclimates also contribute to the splendid, nuanced flavors Peru is known for. The region also embraces innovation, with specialty options such as dung coffee available for more dedicated drinkers. If you’ve never heard of dung coffee, open your mind to embracing something new. These are beans that have been animals, usually, a civet, eat coffee cherries and digest the fruit, which is then extracted from their waste.

Hence, “dung coffee.” Many people are shocked when they taste the freshly poured cup that comes from this kind of bean. The process reduces bitter notes, amplifies the fruity taste, and is a fun bucket list experience to cross off a coffee lovers list!

Visit the Cutest Cafe in Lima

Felicia & Domindo Artisanal coffe shop

Photo Source: Facebook @FeliciayDomingo

Whether you’re stopping in Lima before traveling deeper into Peru, or you’re vacationing in the big city, there’s one cafe you can’t miss for a delicious cup of joe. Felicia & Domingo is a fun and funky brunch cafe with a focus on serving specialty Peruvian coffee. Located just one block from Barranco Municipal Park, this is a delicious spot for an early start or afternoon pick-me-ups.

Behind the delicious drinks and desserts at Felicia & Domingo, there is a team of purpose-driven Peruvians who make each cup even more special. Founder Yurac Fiedler is focused on sustainable business practices, from fashion to food. The goal of this artisanal Barranco cafe is to offer eco-friendly, healthy products that make customers feel good.

Their menu features sweet and savory options, a majority of which are good for vegan or vegetarian diets! But the focus here has to be the coffee. Yurac selected a coffee produced in Cusco from the COCLA Coffee Agricultural Cooperative as the primary house blend. But, the cafe is also experimenting with beans from Cajamarca and Villa Rica, so you can explore different flavors of Peru if you choose! Mocaccino’s are very popular here, combining sweet cocoa with bold Cusco coffee, but coffee purists will love their sweet espresso on its own.

Grab a Bite At This Bohemian Wonderland in Cusco

Bohemian wonderland in Cusco

Artsy nomads who love to experience local culture with their morning cup need to visit Laggart Cafe in Cusco. This is not your typical coffee shop. Vibrant paintings and portraits hang on the walls, with sustainably made furniture and vintage commodities decorating the cafe. Located in the San Blas neighborhood just north of the Plaza de Armas, this little corner offers travelers a great spot to sit down and relax with free wifi, delicious coffee, and impressive cuisine.

This cafe is definitely a hidden gem, and may not be as extravagant from the outside. But here, the pastries are cheap, the empanadas are hot, and the menu celebrates locally sourced ingredients from the Sacred Valley. And, of course, the coffee is deliciously brewed by hand! Travelers looking to get a local experience should head to Laggart for the best lunchtime pit stop to refuel before continuing their Peruvian adventure.

Explore A Local Peruvian Coffee Farm

Explore a local peruvian coffe farm

For the true connoisseurs and aficionados, there is no better way to taste the best coffee in Peru than by visiting the local farms. There are coffee plantations throughout all Peru, from the highest points in the Andes to the lush Amazon forest floors. Wherever your travels take you, a coffee tour is a delicious addition to your South America vacation!

Experiences like a coffee tour are rare to come by, since the farms are locally owned and operated, which often means they don’t deal with tourism as much. But luckily the Kuoda travel designers are experts at sourcing unique experiences for every trip! Want to see how coffee is grown in the jungles surrounding Cusco? We’ll find a farm that can host your visit, so you can learn from the experts about the production process and end your visit with a tasting.

What about a behind-the-scenes experience with the famous dung coffee? Ask your Kuoda travel designer about this unique opportunity, and we’ll arrange for a special tasting of these strange (but surprisingly tasty) coffee beans. You may even get a close look at the adorable little farmers who help produce this rare Peruvian product.

Get to know this secret coffee spot in South America with a private, luxury vacation to Peru! Whether you want to dedicate an entire trip to coffee tasting across the country, or you just want a few recommendations for where to stop for breakfast, the Kuoda travel designers will help you plan a perfect itinerary. And, if you plan to visit for Peruvian Coffee Day, make sure to ask about special events and experiences so we can recommend the best local offerings during this unique holiday!

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