When In Colombia: The Best Cities To Celebrate Pride

When In Colombia_ The Best Cities To Celebrate Pride

If you’re looking for the best cities to celebrate pride in Colombia, look no further. From exciting adventures to incredible nightlife spots, this guide will go through all the best destinations to visit that are full of friendly and welcoming locals. Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot with your partner, or want to party with your chosen family, these cities will be perfect for any LGBTQ+ adventurers.

Colombia is a vibrant nation, full of passion and energy that in recent years has become more and more understanding of different sexualities and individual gender expression. In the last two decades, younger generations across all of South America have been extremely vocal about supporting the LGBTQ+ community, transforming the world around them step by step. Today, Colombia is one country in the region that welcomes travelers of all expressions, with annual pride festivals and celebrations around the nation.

The month of June is when a majority of the celebrations happen. However, these cities are great travel destinations all year long for LGBTQ+ travelers. Choose to visit safe, progressive, and exciting pride hubs, allowing you to come as you are and enjoy the wonders of this amazing culture!

– Celebrate At The Bogota Pride Festival

Celebrate At The Bogota Pride Festival

Visit the Bogotá Pride Fest at the Hipódromo de Los Andes.

Bogotá is one of the best cities to celebrate pride in Colombia thanks to the annual festivities that take place in June and early July. For over twenty years, this city has been the center of Colombia Pride for the LGBTQ+ community, and today the celebration is one of the best in all of South America!

In 2023, the majority of events are happening from June 29th to July 2nd, with an astounding lineup of experiences for travelers. One of the can’t miss experiences is El Mozo’s annual Bogota Pride Fest. Held at the Hipodromo de Los Andes, there will be live DJ’s, dancers, drinks, delicious food, and tons of amazing photo spots to remember the good vibes! The festival happens day and night in one of Bogota’s most beautiful parks, and travelers can come and go for whichever events they are most excited about.

Then, on July 2nd, Pride takes over the streets with the annual parade! Weaving from National Park through the Carrera Séptima all the way to Plaza de Bolívar, this is a one-of-a-kind celebration of love, self-expression, and community. With colorful floats and street performances through Colombia’s most important historic monuments, the Parade is one of the most popular events for LGBTQ+ travelers all year long.

When you’ve had enough fun and need a place to rest, you’ll want some comfortable accommodations that feel like home. The HAB Hotel is an excellent option, not only because of the luxurious rooms but also thanks to the close proximity to many of Bogotá’s LGBTQ+ bars and nightclubs.

– Visit Medellin For Amazing Nightlife And Nature

Visit Medellin For Amazing Nightlife And Nature

The Festival of Flowers in the city of Medellín is a sight to behold, celebrated towards the end of July.

Want to travel somewhere with the best of both worlds? Medellin is one of the best cities in Colombia if you have a diverse interest in activities! Known as the City of Eternal Spring, this vibrant city sits on a plateau surrounded by the Andes Mountains. It’s full of lush gardens and parks, provides easy access to some nature excursions, and also has an amazing nightlife and party scene that’s LGBTQ+ friendly!

One of the best ways to get to know any city is by simply walking around and exploring on foot. Luckily, Medellin is a safe place to do just that! Head to the El Poblado neighborhood to see some of the incredible architecture of Medellin. This affluent community is known for having the Museo el Castillo, a castle-like mansion inspired by French handiwork. It’s a great spot for a romantic fairytale stroll through the gardens.

Another excellent area to walk around for the afternoon are Medellin’s Botanical Gardens. All year long, these gardens are a welcome break from the busy city streets, as you navigate through lush foliage and gentle wildlife including some birds and butterflies. These gardens are extra beautiful during the Festival of Flowers, which usually happens at the end of July if you want to turn your Pride trip into a slow travel adventure!

After the sun goes down, Medellin takes on a whole new energy. For LGBTQ+ travelers, the Parque Lleras area is the best option for finding tons of nightclubs and bars that are friendly for all. Some of the most famous spots include Bar Chiquita, Donde Aquellos, and the Viva Gay Club. If you’re looking for a city that’s perfect for group travel, Medellin is an excellent option.

– Indulge In A Romantic Getaway To Cartagena With Your Partner

Indulge In A Romantic Getaway To Cartagena With Your Partner

Playa Blanca in Cartagena is the perfect way to end a romantic day.

If you want a more intimate pride celebration without all the parades and nightlife and festivals, escape to the coastal city of Cartagena. This beachside paradise is perfect for any couples looking to unplug from their daily routine on a romantic vacation.

Wandering through Cartagena’s Old City with your partner is one of the most simple and enjoyable ways to spend the day. This part of the city is truly magical, recognized by UNESCO for its fascinating history and architectural importance, especially inside the Walled City. Construction began in the 16th century and took many years to complete, due to the intricate design. It may just look like a beautiful walled community, but it doubles as a defense fortress with many secret passageways, military features, and defense systems to use against invading pirates. Today, you can explore these tunnels and passageways with your own private tour of the town!

Cartagena is also one of the best cities in Colombia for a beach vacation, with stretches of white sand coastlines and sparkling blue Caribbean waters. Playa Blanca is among the most popular spots to spend a day lounging under the sun, swimming through the crystal sea, and enjoying the natural beauty of Islay Barú. You’ll have to take a short boat ride from Cartagena to get here, but the views are worth the trip.

Another excellent destination to visit for some serenity are the Rosario Islands. Just off the coast of Cartagena, this archipelago has several islands you can visit by boat for a day trip, or even to spend a few nights in paradise. The larger islands have some stunning hotels, like the San Pedro de Majagua which boasts comfortable rooms, ocean views, and access to some of the most amazing beach fronts in the archipelago.

– Plan Your Pride Adventure With Kuoda

Whether you’re looking for all the best things to do in Bogotá during pride month, or you want a vacation that explores all of Colombia, Kuoda can help you plan the trip of a lifetime. We’ll ensure the cities you’re visiting are safe and full of activities, and when you want to travel off the beaten path, our team will find the best local guides to lead the way.

Talk to a Kuoda expert and let us know what your travel goals are! We’ll put together an itinerary perfectly tailored to your needs. Our team of seasoned travel designers is ready to get get to know you and what moves you, get in touch with us today.

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