Winter is Coming: Prepare for Peru Luxury Travel in Winter


So you’ve done it! You booked your luxury tour to Peru and you’re on your way to fulfilling a lifelong dream. You’ve heard about Peru’s diverse climates and want to be prepared to “weather” the weather in comfort. Here’s how to be ready for any type of climate you might run into.

Since Peru is on the other side of the equator, its seasons are the reverse of those in North America. So if you’ve booked a private tour to Machu Picchu in June or July, you will meet with winter weather in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and the cloud forest of Machu Picchu.

Cusco and the Sacred Valley

The good news is that winter in Peru is NOT the rainy season. Weather in Cusco is likely to be dry, sunny, and cold at night, sometimes dropping down to freezing temperatures. Layers are best.  You may start out in the morning in Cusco on your custom Peru vacation wearing a sweater, hat, and gloves, only to encounter a midday sun that will cause you to shed layers like a snake! Luckily, you’ll have thought ahead and brought your daypack, so go ahead and stuff your sweater in and enjoy the sun on your skin (don’t forget the sunscreen!) As evening rolls around, temperatures in the region can drop drastically. That’s when you can add layers again, including one of the chullo – earflap hats, which can be purchased locally, easily and cheaply. In fact, if you’ve forgotten to pack hat, scarf, and gloves for the chilly Cusco evenings, no worries, as any street vendor will be thrilled to provide these items for a few soles.

Conditions will be similar during your Peru luxury travel to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu: the temperature differences are somewhat less pronounced in the Sacred Valley, since the elevation will be lower than in Cusco, and the same can be stated for your private tour to Machu Picchu. Although it is less rainy during the winter months, it’s good to bring a rain poncho and waterproof pants, as you might encounter occasional wet weather.

The Amazon

Have you booked an Amazon luxury cruise as part of your custom Peru vacation?
On to the jungle where you will find that days are hot, sunny and with some precipitation to be expected, you will need protection from the sun, (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) loose, light clothing, and a light waterproof jacket or poncho in case of rain. And don’t forget sunscreen and swimming gear, as you may have the chance to swim near Amazon River dolphins, famous for their striking pink (yes, pink!) color.

Lake Titicaca and Puno

Moving on to the Lake Titicaca and Puno areas of Peru, you’ll experience breezy, sunny days with pleasant temperatures in the daytime, cooler nights, and a bit of rain. Best to be prepared with a sweater or light jacket that can be tied around your waist when it gets too warm, and a hat and sunglasses. Of course, if you are going out on the water, you’ll experience strong winds, so layer up with a jacket, hat, and scarf, and be careful your hat is securable. I once had a hat blow straight off of my head into the water, much to my fellow passengers’ amusement!

Lima and Northern Peru

Finally on your Peru luxury  travel to coastal areas, such as Lima, Trujillo, and Huanchaco, be prepared for gray and more gray. Although not too cold in Lima or in the northern coastal areas of Peru, the winter months tend to be overcast. Cotton shirts and long pants, a light windbreaker, and a sweater should suffice. Remember to wear a hat and sunglasses even if it’s cloudy out, as you can get sunburnt even on a cloudy day this close to the equator.

Winter is indeed coming to Peru, and now you will be properly armed!

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