What are the Benefits of Choosing Local vs. Foreign Tour Operators and Agencies?

What are the Benefits of Choosing Local vs. Foreign Tour Operators and Agencies

For some, traveling to a foreign country can be as exciting as it is anxiety inducing. There’s a new culture and strange language to navigate and there’s often the pressure of making sure that you see it all and miss nothing. That’s why tour operators and agencies exist to help maximize what could be your only visit to that destination.

The benefit of going with a local tour operator or travel agency versus a foreign one really boils down to how intimately connected they are to the destination. For this reason, local companies beat larger, foreign companies every single time. We’ll explain:

Local Operators Have Better Local Knowledge

How well do you know your hometown? We’ll bet you know it like the back of your hand, from where to find the best bite to eat to what attractions are actually worth visiting and when. Local tour operators and agencies will always have an edge on their foreign counterparts because you simply can’t beat the local knowledge that comes from growing up in a place, not to mention the ‘insider knowledge’ and random local information that comes with it.

Local Operators Are Proud to Share the Place They Call Home

On the same vein, growing up in a place instills within a person a certain sense of pride and passion for it. By choosing a local tour operator or travel agency over a foreign company, you get to tap into that local pride and passion through the man or woman leading your tour. Foreign tour operators might pair you with a guide that shares your accent and speaks your language, thinking it will simplify your experience, but it’s actually through the passionate, local guides that the true magic really unfolds.

Local Operators Have Better Local Relationships

Local tour operators and agencies are likely to have a more extensive network of local partners and contacts. For example, Kuoda Travel, as a Cusco-based tour agency, can put together some extremely unique and tailored experiences for travelers to Cusco(and Peru) that you won’t find on your typical Peru travel brochure. This is all because of the local and long-standing relationships we have established with everyone from the chefs at Cusco Restaurants to the weavers in Umasbamba and the adorable school children of a little-known Sacred Valley community.

Local Operators Have Intimate Connections With Local Suppliers

This has its benefits. By being able to form and develop in-person relationships with local suppliers like hotels, restaurants, and transportation services, local travel agencies are better able to do things like reserve the best table for you at the restaurant or get you booked into the room with the best view of the city. These intimate local connections translate to extra special upgrades for your travel experience.

You Are Helping to Support the Local Economy

If supporting the destination you visit is high on your list of priorities, choosing a local tour operator or agency to travel with is one of the easiest ways to give back. By pouring your tourism dollars into the local companies and people directly, you’re helping to ensure that everyone is benefitting from the life-changing power of tourism.

If Peru is on Your Travel List, Book Local with Kuoda Travel

Based out of our Cusco office, our team of Kuoda Travel Designers are well-versed in putting together tailor-made Peru travel experiences that uniquely fit each traveler’s wants and needs. We’re always cultivating and maintaining our excellent relationships with top local guides, hotels and restaurants to ensure that anything and everything is possible for our guests. Get in touch with us today to begin discovering what is possible for you in Peru.

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