The Benefits of Slow Travel Through South America

Have you ever considered trying slow travel through South America? Better yet, have you ever heard of “slow travel?” Instead of taking short vacations with busy itineraries, people are taking their time to really explore each unique part of the world!

As digital nomadism continues to rise, and people grow more eager to explore the world, longer vacations are starting to gain popularity, and why not take this opportunity to venture across South America? The benefits of slow travel through South America are amazing, both for you and for the destinations you visit! Here are Kuoda’s top eight reasons to try slow travel through South America that you should consider before planning another quick, week-long holiday.

– Slow Travel Through South America Is More Sustainable

There is so much to discover during a trip to South America, but when travelers want to experience everything, they are forced to travel in ways that are less kind to the environment. For example, imagine you want to visit Machu Picchu and Patagonia on the same vacation, but you only have two weeks to do it. Traveling from Peru to the tip of South America is simply not possible unless you book a few extra flights. You may not realize it at first, but step back and think about the carbon emissions of that trip!

Slow travel through South America allows you to explore sustainably, so instead of hopping on a plane for a few hours, you could wind your way across the continent with less aggressive transportation methods. Investing a month or two into an adventure allows you to support a healthy environment, even if you do not realize it.

– Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Locations

Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Locations

There are many iconic landmarks you will want to see during any trip to South America. But for travelers who want a unique experience, it can be difficult to choose between lesser-known adventures and bucket-list activities like hiking the Inca Trail or exploring the Galapagos Islands. By embracing a slower pace, you do not have to choose!

There are so many unique destinations to experience in South America. After visiting the more globally known spots, take your time visiting hidden gems throughout the region. In Peru, you will certainly want to see the iconic Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, but what about hiking the neighboring mountains? Why not stay a few nights in the nearby city of Cusco and see what daily life is like in this historic town? Slow travel allows visitors to have the best of both worlds curating their dream itinerary without a time restriction.

– Live Like A Local in South America

Live Like A Local in South America

If you are looking for unique ways to save money while traveling, a nomadic lifestyle is the best approach. Over the last few years, remote workers have decided to take full advantage of their office-free lifestyle, causing a massive spike in the number of digital nomads. These are people who travel while working from anywhere in the world, so they continue making an income while exploring new destinations.

South America is a digital nomads’ paradise. Here, you can find beautiful accommodations to rent out, stay in hotels designed for remote workers, and save funds on the expensive conveniences most people need to make a fast vacation happen. Instead of eating out for dinner every night, you can shop locally and cook at home. Learn how to navigate public transportation instead of getting a taxi everywhere. Avoid overspending on tourist traps by learning what activities local residents recommend. You’ll enjoy a fascinating trip, and your wallet will thank you!

– Learn More About Local Cultures

Learn More About Local Cultures

There is so much history and culture to discover in South America. From historic empires and Spanish landmarks and diverse modern communities that find new ways to honor tradition – South America is a beautiful tapestry woven with hundreds of fascinating cultural experiences. No traveler could learn about it all in a short vacation.

Immersing oneself in the local culture is one of the best reasons to try slow travel through South America. No two places will be exactly the same, but every city, town, and community will offer enriching experiences you will never forget.

In Chile, you can stay on a traditional estancia and learn about the lifestyle of Chilean Guachos, from sustainable farming techniques to the daily routine of a cowboy. Over in Argentina, learn about how locals embraced crops from Europe and turned it into a nation that thrives in wine production. Meet the indigenous people of Easter Island and learn what the infamous statues that decorate their land represent. Discover all that South America has to offer when you take your time here!

– Indulge in a Stress-Free Vacation

Indulge in a Stress-Free Vacation

One of the harsh side effects of fast tourism is called “travel burnout.” Many people struggle with this sensation, as they return from a trip and feel more exhausted than before they left. Slow travel eliminates that feeling and empowers nomads to have a stress-free trip focused on leisurely enjoying a new destination.

Spend a month in Cartagena and lounge on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There’s no better daily routine than getting up and sunbathing for a few hours before starting work with a refreshing drink in hand. Or, wander through the Andes Mountains as you explore Argentina and Chile’s serene natural scenery. Discover the simple pleasures of a slower-paced vacation and avoid the burnout of a jam-packed four-day itinerary.

– The Ultimate Way to Live like a Local

The Ultimate Way to Live like a Local

Spending more time on a trip allows you to form deeper connections with the people and communities around you. Often, slow travelers and digital nomads will stay in rental homes or hotels that are built within a local community. This travel style lets you shop at the market, meet new people, and make friends who are excited to show you around their home when you express a genuine interest in their culture.

Not only do you gain lasting relationships and unforgettable memories, but you will also have to plan less intense itineraries for your trip! Living like a local means you are embracing a flexible vacation plan. Shorter trips require tedious organization, but slower trips give you the freedom to be spontaneous and say “yes!” if and when someone suggests trying a new experience.

– Longer Trips Are Helpful To Local Economies

Longer Trips Are Helpful To Local Economies

The goal during a long vacation is to embrace local ways of living, which means you should be investing in family-owned businesses, local tour operators, and finding ways to give back to the economy! Sometimes, visiting big tourist destinations in South America actually drain the communities of their resources. It is an unfortunate reality of tourism, but it is one that responsible travelers are trying to combat now more than ever.

Longer trips are a great way to avoid taking advantage of a destination! Learning how to be a responsible traveler is essential if we all want to continue exploring the beautiful world around us. Make sure you do your research about where to stay, where to eat, and what experiences you can do that will benefit the community. Then, as you explore, constantly ask those around you for their personal recommendations. Your small contribution to local economies could greatly improve someone’s living conditions!

– Savor the World Around You to the Fullest

Savor the World Around You to the Fullest

Our world is getting faster and faster. Few of us know how to slow down and enjoy the simple things of life. Slow travel is one of the best cures for anyone feeling overstimulated and exhausted by this high-speed lifestyle.

Whether you work while on the road, or simply decide to take time off and unplug completely, being in a new destination reminds us of how incredible the world can be when we remember to take a deep breath and appreciate it. You may not want to dedicate your entire life to travel, but it is absolutely worth it to embark on a longer trip that helps you reset and recharge.

South America is the dreamiest palace to embark on a slow travel adventure. There are endless possibilities for what you can do! Whether you’re interested in eating delicious food or trekking through nature, South America will be able to accommodate your travel goals. If you’re ready to plan a luxurious trip to South America, talk to a Kuoda travel expert and we will help create the ultimate slow travel plan.

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