How To Visit The Tierra Atacama Hotel In Chile

How to visit the Tierra Atacama Hotel in Chile

The Tierra Atacama Hotel in the Atacama desert is an experience like no other, which allows guests to completely relax and rejuvenate – and at the same time experience the natural beauty of the Chilean desert. With only a few steps from the desert sands, and a luxury spa and delicious restaurant – what more do you want?

There is a special energy that attracts travelers from all over the world here, most probably because of the rich ancestral cultures, and the beautiful oases that provide life to the driest desert in the world. The hotel sits on the edge of the San Pedro de Atacama and is voted one of the best all-inclusive San Pedro de Atacama hotels.

The hotel was built with the aim to provide stunning views of the scenery, but still sustainably designed and fits in with the natural surroundings. The gardens boast with indigenous plant species and traditional crops. They offer a “farm-to-fork” experience to their guests.

The Tierra Atacama Hotel is committed to their path of minimizing the impact on the environment, and they launched many initiatives to become more eco-conscious and leave a small carbon footprint on the world. These initiatives include the use of renewable energy, protecting natural resources, proper waste management and supporting local communities and organizations.

If you enjoy adventure, relaxation and natural beauty – keep reading our recommendations for visiting the Tierra Atacama Hotel and how we at Kuoda can assist you in planning your trip.

Where is it?

Atacama desert

The hotel is located in the Atacama desert which is in the North of Chile. It is about 1,600 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile and about 2,500 kilometers south of the Equator, in the Southern Hemisphere.

This location is very dry because it sits between the two mountain ranges of the Andes and the Chilean coastal range. Temperatures in this area can change greatly depending on the season, the time of day and the altitude.

How to get there

Ataca desert

The Atacama Desert can be easily reached nowadays because of the many daily flights from the capital city, Santiago, to Calama in northern Chile. Calama is about an hour’s drive from San Pedro de Atacama – a small village in the Atacama desert. The hotel is situated on the edge of San Pedro de Atacama.

It takes about 1.5 hours by car from Calama Airport to the Atacama hotel. It is also possible to fly to Calama from La Paz in Bolivia. If you are planning to travel by road, from Bolivia or Argentina, it is also possible to reach the Atacama Desert. Kuoda can help arrange all transportation services as part of our custom-made travel packages.

Things to do there


The hotel offers half day and full day guided tours of the Atacama Desert which includes world-class hiking tours, adventure horseback riding, bicycle tours, stargazing experiences, and much more. If you are not sure what to do, the guides are experts in giving relevant advice depending on the level of physical activity that you prefer and the time that you have.

It is generally recommended to stay a minimum of 4-5 nights in order to properly acclimatize to the altitudes, especially if you are thinking about climbing one or more of the Atacama volcanoes. It is also important to note that children under 10, pregnant women and people with blood pressure problems should consult a medical professional before planning on tours that reach 4000 meters above sea-level.

Spa & Wellness

tierra atacama Spa & Wellness

The Uma Spa at Tierra Atacama offers a very special experience with its hot tubs and the authentic spa circuit that moves between the indoor pool, to the steam room and the refreshing outdoor pool. Hence the name “Uma” which means “water” in the native Aymara language.

The unique treatments incorporate natural ingredients from the region, like sheep’s milk, honey and clay. The design of the spa is light and airy, with gigantic glass windows that connect you to the natural surroundings.

Yoga is also offered on a shaded platform outside in the middle of the gardens. The idea is to feel more connected to the desert through your yoga practice. All levels are welcome and classes can be booked at the reception.

Why you should visit Tierra Atacama?

The Tierra Atacama hotel forms part of the Tierra Boutique Hotel chains in Chile. It is a family-owned boutique hotel chain inspired by Chile’s incredible nature. The hotels are designed with the aim to keep guests closely connected to nature, and offer them the opportunity to completely relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The hotels are designed with an eco-friendly theme, and gives the traveler a very unique and customized experience. This is the perfect opportunity for travelers to have both luxury and nature at their fingertips in one diversely beautiful location.

Enjoy Tierra Atacama with Kuoda

Tierra Atacama with Kuoda

At Kuoda, we can arrange a complete tailor-made package for you and your family to travel to the Tierra Atacama Hotel in Chile. Our goal is to have you discover and fully experience the beauty and the serenity of the desert.
Kuoda is the leading travel agency in South America when it comes to luxury and customized travel. Our travel designers create highly-personalized itineraries with your personal needs and interests in mind.

We’re pleased to partner with the Tierra Atacama Hotel in Chile for all its efforts in sustainability and for the luxury experience it offers its guests. Contact us to start planning your trip today!


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