Top 5 Things To Do In Mendoza

Top 5 Things to Do in Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina was once named among the top 10 historic destinations in the world by National Geographic Magazine.

But this provincial capital located between the foothills and high plains of the eastern Andes mountain range has far more to offer than its colonial charm. It’s a cosmopolitan city with European style and pace where visitors can enjoy world-class wines, the finest meals, immersive cultural experiences, and even outdoor adventure.

On your trip to Argentina, Mendoza is a must-see. If it’s not already on your itinerary, here are the top 5 things to do in Mendoza to give you a sense of what this historic and beautiful city has to offer.

1. Wine Tasting


If you’ve heard of Mendoza, then you likely know of its reputation for wine. With more than 1,500 wineries sprawled across three main regions, Mendoza is the largest wine-producer in South America and one of 11 Great Wine Capitals of the world.

In Lujan de Cuyo and Valle de Uco, located between 2,800 and 5,000 feet elevation, you can sample the most famous wine coming out of Argentina for over a century: Malbec. Further along the Argentina Wine Route is Maipu, the largest and most established of the three regions. It’s here that you can tour revered wineries that double as architectural masterpieces.

2. Gastronomy Experiences

Mendoza gastronomy experiences

The only thing better than sipping a world-class wine while overlooking a beautiful Andean vista is accompanying that glass with some of the finest steak in the world. Argentina is not only known for its free range, grass-fed beef, but they’ve gained quite the reputation for the way they cook it, too.

Asado is a traditional Argentine barbecue where beef, lamb, goat, and other meats are slow cooked over an open fire and served with red wine and salad. The best place to try asado? Siete Fuegos. This is chef Francis Mallmann’s restaurant at Vines of Mendoza resort where he uses seven unique techniques to cook you one of the best meals you’ve ever had over an open fire.

3. Take a Walk Along the Mendoza River

Mendoza river

The Huarpes tribe that inhabited the Mendoza region prior to the arrival of Europeans were the first to divert water from the Mendoza River to the arid plains. Their irrigation channels still run through the streets of Mendoza, and the river that feeds them offers stunning landscapes perfect for a sunny afternoon stroll.

Filled with four types of fish, including salmon and trout, the Mendoza River is also an ideal place to pass a relaxing afternoon fishing. For something more on the adventurous side, white-water rafting is a popular activity along the river, and some of these tours even end with a dip in hot springs.

4. Explore Central Mendoza

Central Mendoza

Surely, you’ll need some downtime on your trip and what better way to pass those days than exploring the colonial downtown of Mendoza? This charming colonial city has one central plaza and four smaller plazas, each surrounded by delicious street food vendors, historical buildings, museums, theatres, and restaurants.

During the day, you can picnic or bike ride at Parque General San Martin. With grounds larger than that of Central Park, you can easily get lost here. At night, you’ll have your pick of tango shows, wine bars, and discos that don’t start filling up until midnight.

5. Hiking and Adventure

mendoza hiking

Mendoza has a little bit of something for everyone. So, if the outdoor enthusiast in you is wondering what to do in Mendoza, Argentina, don’t worry – there’s plenty of opportunities to get outdoors here. In fact, Mendoza serves as a hub for mountaineers on their way to the highest mountain in the Western and South Hemispheres, Mount Aconcagua.

You don’t have to be a hardcore climber to enjoy what the Andes have to offer, though. There is an abundance of hiking trails for visitors of all different levels, horseback riding expeditions along mountain pathways, and even skiing in the winter months.

When to Visit Mendoza, Argentina

when visit mendoza

Mendoza is a sunny region all year-round. While there is some rain in the summer months between November and March, it never rains for very long.

During these months, the average temperature is a perfect 77 °F, but along with great temperatures comes peak tourist season, which lasts between October and April of every year.

Summer is also when you’ll catch the Vendimia Festival. This celebration of the grape harvest lasts two weeks between late February and early March and tens of thousands of visitors from around the world completely take over the town.

Average temperatures in the winter months fall below 50°F, with nights sometimes dropping below freezing. There’s typically no snow fall to worry about, but visitors should dress for cooler temperatures.

More Things to Do in Mendoza with Kuoda

Mendoza with kuoda

Mendoza, Argentina offers its visitors world-famous wines and first-class food amidst an incredibly picturesque landscape and historical setting. There are things to do in Mendoza for every type of traveler: those that want to indulge in food and drink, those that want to lazily explore a charming town, and even those who want to get outdoors.

Kuoda can customize your trip to exactly what you want. Have a look at what we offer in Mendoza here.


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