A Romantic Trip To Argentina’s Wine Region: What Not To Miss

A Romantic Trip To Argentina’s Wine Region: What Not To Miss

Across the rolling hills and warm deserts of Argentina are over 2,000 bright green vineyards, decorating this country with beautiful views and unique wines. While known for their Malbec, the five major wine regions across the country produce a diverse range of wine that makes this an ideal romantic trip to Argentina for the couple looking to relax and indulge.

When European immigrants began importing grapes, the fruit began adapting to fit Argentina’s hot climate and fertile soil. Soon enough, signature varieties that could only be produced within these borders began earning applause from sommeliers and wine connoisseurs around the world. Now, Argentine wine is a leading industry for the nation, becoming one of the top five producers worldwide in 2020. Boasting delicious varieties and beautiful vineyards, visiting wine country is the perfect way to spend some time with your loved one on a romantic getaway. If the promise of warm summer evenings and perfectly crafted dinners sounds alluring, then wine country in this South American paradise is right for you! Escape with a romantic trip to Argentina and discover these can’t miss destinations.

Vacation In One Of Argentina’s Five Wine Regions

Argentina Wine Regions

Wine country here is not made up of one farm town tucked away in the most rural part of the nation. Here, you will find vineyards sprawling from lush northern hills to southern desert plateaus, and everywhere in between. The two most well-known regions, Mendoza and Salta, are the largest producers within the country. However, all five have something special to offer couples looking to indulge in a luxury wine tasting during their trip to Argentina.

Mendoza is the heart of wine country here, with over 1,200 wineries nestled between the Andean mountain region. The sun shines extra-long here, thanks to Mendoza’s high altitude. Soaking up every hour of golden rays gives the grapes a rich flavor and color that are then crafted into a delicious selection of wines. Popular varieties include malbecs, torrontés, cabernet sauvignons and merlots.

In the northwest, travelers can visit Catamarca, a smaller region of production that allows travelers to experience a more niche tasting if they wish. Planted along the Abaucan River, Catamarca’s vines benefit from the same Argentinian conditions of extra sun exposure, warm days and cool evenings. For the couple who wants a combination of adventurous days hiking through the Andes and relaxed nights sipping and savoring the local offerings, Catamarca is a perfect destination.

Imagine you and your partner on a horseback tour through the northern estancias of Salta, exploring the terrain overlooking the stunning Calchaquí Valleys with colorful mountains and mineral-rich hillsides. Shades of pink, purple, red and yellow offer guests a breathtaking backdrop for their luxurious getaway to Salta. This region is home to some of the highest vineyards in the world, towering at 1,700 meters above sea level. Fruity varieties of red cabernet sauvignon and tannat are offered throughout this province, as well as some delicious white torrontés.

Heading into the natural wonders within Patagonia, travelers will find Rio Negro, a vineyard tucked away in the lush scenery as you head into southern Argentina. Another option for more of the undiscovered wineries, this destination is known for their phenomenal take on the signature malbec, and as this region expands, they are being applauded for the merlot, semillon, and pinot noir varietals produced here. A romantic escape to Patagonia doesn’t have to be all hiking and sports. As you and your partner lounge on the beach or picnic in front of the nearby mountains, enjoy a bottle of Rio Negro’s local wine for a luxurious trip to Argentina.

And in the center of the nation, you will find the fifth Argentine wine region, Cordoba. Lush forests, quiet villages, and beautiful expansive hills make this the smallest and most intimate region amongst the five. The healthy soil and high temperatures in Cordoba provide grapes fertile ground and result in a distinct taste unlike anywhere else in the world. If you have an extra day available on your trip, make the effort to visit the local village where the wine is produced, then head into the province’s capital city nearby for a night of dance in the many nightclubs here.

Explore Mendoza With Private Tours Of The Largest Wine Region In South America

Mendoza With Private Tours

Producing roughly 70% of all Argentine wine products, Mendoza is abundant in vineyards to visit and activities to discover. As you ascend the Andes Mountains and step onto a large plateau, Mendoza reveals itself as a city above the clouds, with even higher peaks surrounding you. This agricultural province comes alive as globetrotters and wine lovers alike flock to experience this one-of-a-kind city on a hill.

When colonization began, so did winemaking in Mendoza. Local communities were instructed to plant the vineyards using their own agricultural techniques back in the mid-16th century, marking the first moments wine began to flow through these mountains.

However, historians believe Malbec was not introduced until the mid-19th century when agronomist and ampelographer Michel Aimé Pouget immigrated to the region, bringing the thick-skinned grape from Southwestern France. Temperate climates, high altitudes, and nutrient dense soil offered this grape a better environment to grow in than its original home, and soon enough Malbeca became a distinct wine variety of South America, almost entirely ignored by French producers.

The wine itself has rich, dark fruit flavors with a smoky finish. If grown in a warmer climate, you will be able to taste notes of delicate plums and luscious blackberries, while grapes grown in cooler climates produce bright notes of raspberry and juicy cherries. Especially if you and your partner share a passion for rich red wines, Mendoza will offer an overwhelming number of delicious wines paired with luxurious Argentine cuisine for a dreamy tasting experience.

There’s no better place to stay in wine country than a lodge nestled between the Andes and the finest wineries in the region. Cavas Wine Lodge is one of our favorite destinations to stay in while traveling here. Guests can choose between five unique experiences, from a standard luxury room to the Grand Villa for the ultimate romantic indulgence. Guests can also enjoy a trip to their on-site spa for facial treatments, deep tissue massages, and relaxing experiences for the perfect day in wine country. As you plan the idyllic vacation to share with your loved one, Kuoda will help you build the right package for a luxury stay that suits your needs.

Mendoza is also famous for impressive gastronomy, most famously the Argentine asado, or traditional grilling. The authentic wood-fire grill flavors are signature here, with delectable cuts of slow cooked beef, lamb, and goat as a few popular options to try out. While waiting for the reopening of our favorite, 1884 Restaurant, Kuoda recommends trying Siete Fuegos from world renowned chef Francis Mallmann.

Explore beyond the bottle by adding a few extra fun activities to your Mendoza itinerary! Enjoy white water rafting, hikes, biking, horseback riding, and even fly fishing in the Andean waters. A peaceful walk along the Mendoza River is a fabulous option for a peaceful day trip before returning to your lodge for another night of sipping the world’s best wines.

Visit Salta for a Unique Luxury Trip To Argentina

Salta Argentina Travel

As the second largest producer of wine within Argentina, Salta is another popular destination amongst travelers. High altitude vineyards are in no short supply here, and while it is a smaller neighbor to Mendoza, the city of Salta is a picturesque backdrop to explore with your partner.

The historic colonial streets of Salta still feel leisurely and rural despite being a popular Argentine destination. Old cobblestones, Spanish architecture, and local indigenous traditions all give visitors a diverse set of offerings for their trip.

Colonization of Salta did not begin until the mid-16th century after the Americas were discovered by Europeans. Incan empires ruled the Andes before this, and Salta was home to a vibrant combination of Quechan and Andean culture.

As Jesuit missionaries began to make their way across borders and settle in the now colonized Salta, they brought with them grape seeds from Peru and began planting. Once again, the local farmers soon learned that their high altitude and warm climate was ideal for maintaining healthy vineyards, and Salta started to expand its grape production.

Now, Salta is revered for the classic varieties available, such as cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and syrah, they are specialists with torrentés – the Argentine exclusive unavailable anywhere else in the world. High in the mountains of Salta, the torrentés grape receives cool wines, arid grounds, and those glorious hours of extended sunlight. Aromatic and sweet with a dry floral aroma, this variety has a delicious blend of rose, peach and lemon notes.

Relax at the Andean foothills when you stay at the House of Jasmines Estancia, a century old ranch that has been upgraded with luxurious accommodations ready to host you for a romantic getaway. Roam the almost 250-acre property shared by a few friendly neighbors, including the property’s horses and wild field owls. This property offers cooking classes with a Relais & Châteaux chef, horseback excursions, replenishing spa treatments and even a couple’s massage room for an additional romance.

When you’re ready to venture into the city, visit the Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana. Explore the history of Andean culture, with various ancient Incan artifacts that offer a window into the past. Once you’ve engaged with local culture, climb to the top of Cerro San Bernardo and see one of the most amazing views in all of Salta. Here, you and your loved one can enjoy a relaxing picnic overlooking the city, or get a stunning sunset experience in the evening.

For your own custom itinerary for a luxury trip through Argentina’s wine country, talk to Kuoda about which excursions excite you and we’ll help schedule the most romantic adventure, full of relaxation, exploration, and – of course – wine tasting and exclusive dinners to get a sip of every type of wine this country is regarded for.

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