Experience A Family Vacation To Patagonia: A Life-Changing Adventure

Experience A Family Vacation To Patagonia_ A Life-Changing Adventure

Stretching across four hundred thousand square miles of land with mountain peaks that touch the clouds and crystal blue waters that flow between two countries, a family vacation to Patagonia is the ultimate family vacation for a family of adventurers looking for the trip of a lifetime. Boasting stunning natural excursions as well as enriching cultural experiences, an excursion through the Patagonia mountains provides families with a unique opportunity to have fun while immersing their children in a diverse and safe destination. 

Traveling to the “End of the World” may sound intimidating, but this is a premier destination for your next family vacation to South America. Untouched landscapes paint this region with some of the best views on Earth and provide a beautiful backdrop for every family adventure.

Whether you’re planning on visiting the Chilean side or the Argentinian side on your family vacation to Patagonia – before experiencing a thrilling and memorable trip, you will need to spend some time planning your family’s visit.

How do you reach this remote destination? What activities are safe for little ones? Where should you stay for the best accommodations? A family adventure through these natural wonders can seem difficult to plan. Luckily, our expert team at Kuoda knows this region and can help you plan the ultimate bucket list experience for your family vacation to Patagonia to experience this awe-inspiring edge of South America.

Why A Luxury Family Vacation To Patagonia Is Worth It

Luxury Trip To Patagonia

For the active family that loves outdoor adventure, there are few places more exciting than Patagonia. Keeping your children busy and engaged is easy here, with a wide variety of activities like hiking, boating, wildlife excursions and beyond. Plus, for the adults, there are several ways to elevate your trip for a luxurious escape even while trekking through the mountains.

Safety is another top priority for multigenerational travel. Separate from the major urban areas, Patagonia has virtually no crime. In fact, the local communities are often welcoming to tourists with mutual respect shown for their visitors! Additionally, the food and water are safe for guests to enjoy and most hotels and accommodations will provide purified water filling ports, so keeping your family hydrated is not a problem here. Travelers can feel safe and relaxed while exploring this South American landmark that earns Kuoda’s stamp of approval for responsible destinations.

These rocky peaks are the perfect choice for a multigenerational family vacation who wants to travel together. With unique luxury hotels, versatile excursion options, and Kuoda approved local tour operators to help you along the way, there is something for everyone to enjoy on your family vacation to Patagonia.

Patagonia’s Must-See Destinations For Family Trips

Choosing what to see across this diverse region can be difficult, especially since Patagonia is divided between Argentina and Chile. Before you begin locking down your itinerary, let us recommend a few must see locations to inspire your planning!

• Argentina

Perito Moreno Patagonia Trip

If you wish to see the iconic Perito Moreno Glacier, a trip to Argentine Patagonia will be right for you and your family. The ice mass covers over 120 square miles and continues to evolve in size like a living, breathing extension of the continent. Looming over the icy blue waters of Los Glaciares National Park, this glacier has become a natural wonder that visitors from around the world rush to see every year. As one of the most infamous sights in Patagonia, and one that could melt away one day, this glacial structure should be on any bucket list for the family who chooses to explore this side of the region.

On the southernmost tip of Argentina is Tierra del Fuego, known as one of the world’s final frontiers. Home to national parks, lakes, expansive landscapes untouched and unchanged by man – the “land of fire” is a region that offers a bit of everything to Patagonia’s explorers. History lives within the region, making it a fantastic classroom for children to learn and engage with scientific exploration up close and in person. Charles Darwin, Francis Drake, and Ferdinand Magellan, are only a few of the international adventurers that traversed at one point in time. Your family will be able to find something for everyone here, from hiking to wildlife observation – Tierra del Fuego is a must see for adventurers who are ready to step foot on the true end of the world.

Head northwest and you will find the crystal waters and jagged peaks within the Argentine Lake District. A luxurious modern town awaits within for the family looking to enjoy a vacation in South America that offers comfort and excitement. Stay in one of the world’s best lodges, the Llao Llao Resort, Golf, & Spa – a Kuoda approved accommodation that provides guest with 5-star service during their excursion. If beautiful views, peaceful hikes, and soothing spa treatments are on your bucket list, this is the destination for your family on your family vacation to Patagonia.

• Chile

Chile Torres del Paine National park

Within the Chilean borders of Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park offers luscious forests, turquoise waters, and looming massifs that give this region its postcard worthy scenic views. Elevate your stay in Torres del Paine with a reservation at the Explora Lodge. Local tour operators and luxurious accommodations offer guests a mix of thrilling day trips for the adventurers, and soothing spa treatments for those who prefer more indulgent activities.

If you’re hoping to stand on the southernmost tip of South America and see where the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean collide, Cabo de Hornos National Park needs to be a stop on your family vacation to Patagonia. Steeped in a rich history of scientists and sailors searching for the limits of our globe, Cape Horn is a fantastic destination for the family who love unique outdoor experiences. Set sail on a two-day voyage across the Drake Sea, and find yourselves in the Antarctic borders. Search through the sub-Antarctic forests, home to interesting species of flora that have adapted to extreme climate conditions over time. See which creatures make these frosty lands their home, with a plethora of fauna to observe like penguins, dolphins, otters, and more! Cape Horn is a historic site that will impress any curious mind who would like to reach beyond the average world and step into a sort of tundra paradise.

Bucket List Activities For Your Family Vacation to Pagatonia

Activities Family In Patagonia

With a few destinations in mind for where to visit, you’re ready to begin planning some activities to keep the family busy. Every family is different, so you will need a custom itinerary to meet everyone’s needs. Our team will help curate the perfect schedule for your vacation, but here are a few potential activities depending which accommodate varying levels of fitness across multiple interests.

For the family looking to explore at their own leisure and see the natural wonders of Patagonia comfortably, the Andean Lakes Crossing is a perfect place to start. Sail between Argentina and Chile on a boat tour with optional overnight stays included. Journey through the Andes much like indigenous communities once did in search of crops, sees, and ceramic goods. This ancient trade route now offers guests a chance to explore Patagonia’s history while crossing multiple terrains, seeing unique geography like volcanoes and rainforests throughout the trip. The lakes crossing excursion is perfect if your family wants to immerse themselves in nature without overexerting themselves with intense activity.

If observation is your preferred method of exploration, then be sure to add wildlife sightings to your trip. Penguins, pumas, armadillos, dolphins – Patagonia is overflowing with unique animal species that are all worth seeing in their natural habitat. You won’t be alone as you try to spot these beautiful creatures, when you partner with local tour operators vetted by our team of travel experts to ensure you and your family are safe, and the animals remain protected!

Ready for a few more challenging options on your family vacation to Patagonia? Naturally, a destination so marvelous and geographically diverse offers endless trails to hike through with your family. Many of the most stunning treks in all of South America are located within Patagonia’s outline, all at varying difficulty levels. If you want to traverse the region without intense elevation changes or terrain challenges, scenic routes have been laid out for beginners to enjoy all over the region. But, for the family of athletes who want a challenge, those trails exist as well! Ascending through treacherous mountains is an exciting prospect for more active families, and with professional guides to help you along the way, your family will be able to trek safely and lay eyes on the most awe-inspiring views on Earth.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you on your next family vacation to Patagonia. The beauty of this destination is breathtaking, and provides a biodiverse environment to teach your kids about the unique planet we live on while enjoying the sights for yourself! Plus, when you craft your adventure with us, we will provide luxurious accommodations that help you unwind after a day of exploration. Visit Patagonia with Kuoda for an expertly planned adventure that not only crosses off your dream bucket list activities, but exceeds expectations as you see the most unique parts of the pristine environment up close and in person!

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