Peru’s Top 10 Beaches to Visit During Your Custom Peru Trip

Perus Top 10 Beaches to Visit During Your Custom Peru Trip

With more than 1,500 miles of coastline and nearly year-round sunshine (in some parts), it’s shocking that Peru hasn’t taken on the title of “premiere beach destination.” Though many of Peru’s best beaches lie north of Trujillo, there are a few beaches further south that are worth considering when putting together your custom tour of Peru. In this article, we share ten of the best beaches to visit in Peru.

1. Las Pocitas

Located in Mancora, just south of the town, is a beach that many would consider the best beach in Peru. Shaded by palm trees and usually much quieter than the nearby “party beaches” of Mancora. Las Pocitas is a relaxing, sun-drenched escape where many of the area’s best beach hotels and resorts reside.

2. Huanchaco

A visit to Huanchaco on Peru’s Northern Coast is worthwhile for more than just its beautiful coastline, perfect surf, and proximity to the ruins of Chan Chan and Huaca de la Luna. In Huanchaco, travelers can witness the famous caballos de totora, said to be the original inspiration for the surfboard. Fisherman still use these traditional reed boats to fish – surfing the waves, with fish-filled nets in hand, to get back to shore.

3. Punta Sal

With warm waters year-round and plenty of sunshine, Punta Sal certainly belongs on this list of Peru’s best beaches. Located in the Tumbes department, just north of Mancora. Punta Sal is known for its pillow-like white sands, calm seas, and luxe beachfront villas and hotels. It’s also a great spot to go whale watching.

4. Cabo Blanco

Cabo Blanco is notorious for being the place where Ernest Hemingway received the inspiration for his novel, The Old Man and the Sea. Today, the town is also known for its annual pipeline wave, called the “Peruvian Pipeline.” The wave typically arrives during the months of November to January and is reminiscent of Hawaii’s Bonzai Pipeline.

5. Chicama

Chicama, also known as Puerto Malabrigo, is on this list for its incredible surf. It’s home to one of the world’s longest surfable left breaks, making Chicama a surfer’s dream travel destination. The town itself isn’t much to look at, but if you’re a surfer, the ocean will keep you plenty satisfied. Just don’t forget the wetsuit. The water in Chicama can be quite cold.

6. Lobitos

This sleepy surf town located in the department of Piura is the perfect beach destination for those looking for a relaxed surf getaway. Once the Peruvian headquarters of a British oil company, the town is today a collection of hilltop surf hostels and hotels. The main attraction is the ocean and its plentiful left-handed breaks.

7. Chiclayo

Nicknamed the “City of Friendship,” Chiclayo was founded by Spanish missionaries in the 16th century. Travelers come to Chiclayo for its well-known archaeological attractions including the Moche and Chimú ruins and tombs, as well as for its high-class beach town of Pimentel. Stroll the boardwalk and take in the Republican-era houses that line Pimentel’s malecón.

8. Vichayito

Located between Los Organos and Las Pocitas on the Northern Coast, Vichayito is a tranquil beach, perfect for relaxing, swimming, surfing, and even kite surfing during the windier months of April to November. The beach is lesser known to travelers, but locals in the departments of Piura and Tumbes rave about it.

9. San Bartolo

This quiet and relaxing beach town is a popular spot for Limeñans in the summer time (December to March). It’s located just an hour south of the capital, down the Panamericana Sur. Swim, surf, paddleboard – San Bartolo is a great place to do it all. The best surf points are at Ribera Norte and El Peñascal.

10. Playa Roja

Tucked into the Paracas National Reserve, about four hours south of Lima, Playa Roja is a unique red-sand beach where the wildlife viewing is prime. The red sand is a result of the underlying ocean-eroded igneous rock, known as pink granodiorite. Though you can’t actually swim in the water, due to its protected status, the dramatic cliffs and diversity of wildlife are reason enough to visit.
Planning to visit the beaches of Peru during your Peru vacation? Get in touch with a Kuoda Travel Designer to discuss the best beaches to include in your perfect Peru trip itinerary.

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