What To See and Do In Cusco’s Nearest Jungle City, Quillabamba

Located about four to five hours from Cusco, Quillabamba is a market town set in the steamy brow of the Peruvian Amazon. It’s best known for its exports, like coffee, tropical fruit, and chocolate, but it’s also home to several scenic waterfalls and swimming holes perfect for taking a dip. Read this article and consider a visit to Cusco’s nearest selva town during your custom Peru tour.

Getting There

Abra Malaga

To get to Quillabamba is a bit of an adventure in and of itself. From Cusco, the journey takes you first through the Sacred Valley, passing through Urubamba and Ollantaytambo before the road turns into a series of ascending serpentine curves. Before the road begins its winding descent into the Urubamba Valley and the town of Quillabamba, you arrive at the famous Abra Malaga(14,100 ft), a pass often shrouded in a dense fog. From Abra Malaga, the descent into the jungle town of Quillabamba is full of jungle vegetation and lined with fruit trees, tea bushes, and coffee farms – very scenic to say the least!

What to See and Do

The town of Quillabamba doesn’t offer much for travelers, however its outskirts do. Here is what to see and do during your visit to Quillabamba.

1. Coffee and Chocolate Farm Tours:

As mentioned, Quillabamba is a popular source of some of Peru’s best coffee and chocolate. Ask a Kuoda Travel Designer about scheduling a tour of one of the local coffee or chocolate farms and learn about the production process straight from the farmer.

2. Waterfalls:

Siete Tinjas, Pacchac, and Mandor are Quillabamba’s three best-known waterfalls where you can swim, climb, and eat fruit straight off of the trees.

3. River Tubing:

Though it is more of a local hangout, river tubing at La Balsa is an option. La Balsa is located at the bend in the Río Urubamba and is also a popular spot for swimming.

Speak to a Kuoda Travel Designer About Planning Your Perfect Peru Holiday

Whether Quillabamba makes your Peru itinerary or not, our Kuoda Travel Designers can point you to the destinations and attractions in Peru that best fit you and your travel companions’ preferences. After all, it’s your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Peru. We’ll help you make it extraordinary. Get in touch with Kuoda today.

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