5 Best Destinations For Luxury Travel To South America With Friends And Family

5 Best Destinations For Luxury Travel To South America With Friends and Family

There is an endless world of wonders to discover when it comes to luxury travel to South America, especially if you need a private vacation idea for a large family or friends group! Whether you’re planning a big trip for your family, or you need some ideas about where to go with your closest friends, there is so much to uncover across this region.

Whether you’re a party full of foodies or thrill-seekers, nightlife aficionados, or nature lovers – there is something incredible to discover! We’ll help you create the perfect itinerary that meets all your interests, even for the most diverse group of adventurers. For now, prepare for the trip of a lifetime by deciding where you and your party may want to go out of these five destinations.

1. Groups That Love Big Parties Should Visit Cartagena

Groups That Love Big Parties Should Visit Cartagena

A group of friends enjoying a Beer at Cafe del Mar, Cartagena

Warm Caribbean waters hug the white sand beaches of Cartagena’s coastline, the vibrant Colombian city that makes a perfect vacation spot for friends. Here, you’ll be treated to historic gems, delicious food, and one of the best nightlife scenes in all of South America.

Fill your days with personalized and private tours of the historic sites that decorate this charming cityscape. A visit to Old Town is a must. Get an in-depth lesson on the Crown Jewel of the Indies with a private walking tour for you and your party. While exploring, be sure to plan a stop at the Castillo de San Felipe, a Spanish fortress that has withstood the test of time. Wander through the maze-like tunnels that soldiers once used to defend the land from pirates and swashbucklers. Friends and families of all ages will have an incredible time learning about these century-old buildings and unique landmarks.

For those sunny afternoons when you’d rather swim and lounge than explore on foot, head to one of the many stunning Caribbean beaches along the coast. Just one hour from Old Town is Playa Blanca, a popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike. Here, your party can laze in a cabana and enjoy a luxurious day of napping with the cool ocean breeze in front of you.

Or, for something even more exciting, head to Isla Cholón, nicknamed the “Island of Young Travelers” in recent years thanks to the emerging party scene here. During the day, you can dive into the crystal blue waters and snorkel near the vibrant coral reef just offshore. Brave travelers could also jet ski for a more thrilling way to explore the island’s entire perimeter. But one of the best ways to experience Isla Cholón is to rent a party boat with your group and spend the day enjoying music, drinks, and dancing in one of the most beautiful locations imaginable.

Back on the mainland, an abundance of nightlife options awaits your party.

There’s every type of outing you could imagine, whether your friends want a chill bar to grab a few drinks at, or want a full-blown dance floor. For sunset drinks, you’ll want to go to Cafe Del Mar. This spot is perched on top of a hill and has become famous for the expansive views of the Caribbean horizon. If your party wants to experience the best of the best when it comes to parties, then Mister Babilla is the place to go. With a constant rotation of music, great drinks, and a lively crowd, any night here will be one to remember. Cartagena is a great place for people who want a party vacation, where you can relax on the beach all day and dance all night long.

2. Peru’s Sacred Valley Is Perfect For Adventure-Loving Groups

Peru’s Sacred Valley Is Perfect For Adventure-Loving Groups

Kayaking gear on the Vilcanota River

You’ve probably heard of Peru’s most famous experience which is hiking the Inca Trail to explore Machu Picchu. But did you know that in the valley below, you can find dozens of heart-pounding thrills and adventure sports? The Sacred Valley is one of the most fun destinations for travelers that want their luxury travel to South America to be adrenaline filled.

First, get inspired for a place to stay, and luckily this region has plenty of five-star accommodations that will give you a comfortable place to rest after long excursions. Stay at a private villa for your group at the Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado, one of the most enchanting hotel experiences in the valley. Located near the ancient site of Ollantaytambo, this hotel is ideal for those who want easy access to all the most exciting landmarks and excursions. The Explora lodge is another excellent option if you want something that shows off lesser-known destinations.

Be amazed at the dozens of adventure options while exploring the Sacred Valley. Zipline across vast expanses, go rafting down the Urubamba river, hop on four-wheelers for an ATV tour through Incan lands – the possibilities are endless! Of course, we’ll provide some expert local guides for every excursion, whether your party wants to horseback ride through the rolling hills or embark on a multi-day trek to Huayna Picchu.

Plus, the Sacred Valley is located close to Peru’s historic city of Cusco. The streets here are full of friendly locals and world travelers passionate about the rich histories of the Incan empire that overlap with colonial times. Be sure to spend a day or two here when you need a break from adventure.

3. Indulge In The Best Culinary Tour Of Mendoza

Indulge In The Best Culinary Tour Of Mendoza

Wine tasting in the vineyards of Mendoza

Some people travel for art, some travel to relax… others travel to eat and drink their way through some of the most delicious destinations on Earth. If you have a group of passionate foodies who want to taste some of the best Argentinian gastronomy, then Mendoza is the ideal destination.

Celebrated as one of the best wine producers in the world, Mendoza has drawn internationally celebrated chefs here to develop excellent restaurants surrounded by stunning scenery. Many people think this region can only be a honeymoon spot for couples, but that is far beyond the truth. Spending quality time with your loved ones is always most enjoyable over a warm, delicious meal, and that’s exactly what awaits you here.

Several of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants have a home in Mendoza. Among them is Casa Vigil, a place that will make you feel at ease while indulging in an expertly crafted five-course lunch with precise wine pairings made by the restaurant’s very own vineyard. Another excellent option is Siete Fuegos, an eatery focused on serving the best Argentinian-style meats you’ll ever taste.

4. Discover The Energetic City Of Medellin

Discover The Energetic City Of MedellinIn the last decade, Medellin has emerged as one of the most exciting cities in South America. Known for its exquisite culinary scene, vibrant nightlife, and idyllic climate all year long, Medellin is the perfect place to escape with friends or family if you want to uncover one of Colombia’s most amazing destinations.

Here, the city and nature overlap in a unique way that gives every type of traveler something to enjoy. While you can roam the streets and find excitement around every corner, you’ll also be able to explore beautiful scenery both in and around Medellin. The Jardín Botánico is a breathtaking oasis without ever leaving the main city, and even offers travelers an opportunity for some incredible birdwatching! If you’d like to step outside the city limits, another great option is the Parque Arvi. From the subway, you’ll board a gondola that takes you right to the entrance before crossing into a majestic mountainous world, full of natural hiking trails and stunning views.

This city is also known for its impressive art scene. For groups interested in the Colombian legend Fernando Botero, be sure to book a trip to the Museo de Antioquia. Plenty of Botero’s masterpieces are on display here, in addition to the national and international artists showcased. When you finish exploring the museum, experience the street art for a look at the local works from Medellin natives. Comuna 13 is one of the most popular neighborhoods for graffiti and street art, which you can explore with a walking tour!

Another thrilling activity to enjoy here is a day spent watching some soccer (AKA, futbol) at the Atanasio Giradot Stadium. Soccer in Colombia is one of the most important cultural experiences no matter where you go, and Medellin is one of the epicenters of the sport. Grab your whole party, and see how exciting the action is up close!

And no trip to Colombia is complete without a taste of local cuisine. Medellin is the perfect place for savoring an entire day of food tours, bar crawls, and fine dining dinners. You can enjoy everything from street foods and small bites, or sit down at internationally renowned restaurants like Carmen.

5. Live Like Locals In Buenos Aires

Live Like Locals In Buenos Aires

Pool area of the Home hotel in Buenos Aires

What makes the “Paris of the South” so unforgettable? Is it the charming streets decorated in historic architecture? Bustling cafés and restaurants offering elegant dining options? The vibrant community of locals and international travelers coming together in one amazing place? At Kuoda, we know it’s all of this and more that make Buenos Aires a worthwhile group travel destination.

Stay at one of the coolest hotels in the city, Home. You will feel extra comfortable in this luxury boutique accommodation, as it was designed to feel like someone’s real home. The common spaces feel more like a high-end living room, the decor is eclectic and welcoming, and the staff delivers excellent service. Located in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood, your party will be immersed in one of the most fun, artistic places in the city.

When it comes to cuisine, an international city promises an international selection. Travelers can enjoy sushi at the Presidente Bar, grab empanadas from a local spot like Antigua Carpinacci, and indulge in the Argentine specialty, Parilla, at La Cabrera.

One unbeatable group activity, while you explore Buenos Aires, is booking a tango class with the locals. It’s one immersive experience that will leave everyone smiling as they fine-tune the craft of Argentinian dance. Or, if your party feels a little timid, there are plenty of shows happening around the city to enjoy instead!

This is a perfect destination for travelers who are curious about the culture. You can spend hours simply roaming the streets, looking at street art, talking to locals, visiting museums, and more. Of course, there are some can’t-miss opportunities such as a trip to the Casa Rosada, but every group will find Buenos Aires to be a city with never-ending discoveries to be made.

If you’re planning a trip to South America with friends or family, connect with a Kuoda travel expert today and we’ll help plan every step of the way! When it comes to luxury travel to South America, we consider ourselves the experts. Allow us to find you the best hotels, restaurants, and activities to make this trip one to remember.

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