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The Local Experience Curator

Exquisite, handcrafted, private luxury tours to South America

Kuoda Travel Certificates
The Local Experience Curator

Exquisite, handcrafted, private luxury tours to South America

Kuoda Travel Certificates

Indulge in the Luxury of Bespoke Travel

Kuoda is one of the leading private luxury tours providers to South America for travelers all over the world since 2004.

As a family-owned boutique travel company from Cusco, we turn dreams into reality. Embark on journey of deeper connection with the land and communities we call home. Travel with an open heart and embrace the gifts South America has to offer.

WTA 2023
WTA 2023

Experience Travel Differently


crafted by expert travel designers

Our travel designers customize five-star itineraries with your interests and travel style. Kuoda’s network of carefully chosen partners allows us to offer VIP access to many activities and accommodations. Enjoy the best kept secrets of South America from a travel agency you can trust. As locals to the region, we provide our first-hand knowledge about each destination to improve your itinerary, resulting in a wonderful journey curated just for you.


to enrich your journey

With us, travelers are immersed in local and culturally authentic experiences that are truly transformative and unforgettable. From private tours by local tour guides to cooking classes using the harvest of seasonal vegetables and fruits, and exploring indigenous traditions such as learning weaving techniques in a local community, we provide an opportunity to experience a truly rich cultural immersion.


and leave a positive legacy behind

Our sights are set on making lasting change through travel that benefits South American destinations. Working to be socially and environmentally responsible means we take the extra steps to be proactively climate positive, contribute to local economies, and preserve local culture and heritage. Our call is to travel in a responsible and purposeful way, committed to being participants of change both in thought and in attitude.

Explore Enticing Destinations In South America

Private & Customized Itineraries

Dive into the lush Amazon, journey to the end of the world in Patagonia, or indulge in a culinary tour through Peru.

There truly is something for everyone in South America. Let us know what inspires you and we’ll take care of the rest. Looking to learn more about your next destination? Discover what each country has to offer below.

Sample Signature Itineraries


Adventurous mountain hikes, luxurious river cruises, or leisurely horseback rides through the countryside.

Every journey is uniquely handcrafted by Kuoda’s expert travel designers to your desire. Browse through a few sample itineraries below to get a preview of what your custom vacation to South America could look like.

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Travel Designer

Connect with our travel experts

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