Luxury Glamping South America (All The Best Spots)

Luxury Glamping South America

Glamping is a shorter, chicer way of referring to glamourous camping. This form of accommodation has been taking the luxury travel world by storm over the last decade or so.

The trend may have begun with luxurious tents set in spectacular vistas but its now expanded to include all sorts of sleeping quarters, including: villas, cabins, tipis, yurts, or even trailers. What they all share in common is the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the great wildernesses of the world – without sacrificing any of the comfort.

Glamping offers resort-level amenities to travelers who want luxury while exploring nature a little more intimately. And, considering its endless variety of natural wonders and incredible landscapes, glamping in South America is among the best ways to experience this continent.

And so, we present our top 5 picks for the best luxury glamping in South America.

1. Peru: Luxury Camping Domes

Cusco was once the capital of the ancient and grand Inca Empire. Today, it’s home to incredible ruins, colorful cobblestone streets, and these luxury glamping domes.

Located on the route to Machu Picchu, Peru’s number one tourist hot spot, these five, 300 square-foot eco-domes are fully insulated and fully furnished. They have either a king-size bed or two double beds, a private bathroom, and four of the five domes also have wood-burning stoves to make the cool Andean nights nice and cozy.

Every dome has a spectacular view of the Vilcabamba mountain range and access to the fire pit, dining dome, and lobby bar. There’s no shortage of things to do around the domes either. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, head into Cusco city, or take the train to the iconic Machu Picchu.

2. Ecuador: Galapagos Safari Camp

If you love nature and flora and fauna, then you must have heard of the Galapagos Islands. They’re considered the world’s best destination for wildlife-viewing. Located more than 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, many of the plant and animal species found here cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

While most tourists visit these islands via boat cruises and island hopping tours, the newest and most up-close-and-personal way to experience Galapagos is via the Galapagos Safari Camp, situated in the lush highland of Santa Cruz. Spanning more than 55 hectares and bordering Galapagos National Park, the camp has nine luxury tents for glamping, beautiful gardens, a lodge, and even an infinity pool.

You’ll be surrounded by vistas over the Pacific Ocean, views of nearby islands, as well as wild animals and plants that are so spectacular they inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

3. Argentina: Chalten Camp

Los Glaciares National Park is the destination in Argentine Patagonia. And within this National Park, which gives you access to the infamous peaks of Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy, is El Chaltén. This little village is the gateway to everything the park has to offer – and it’s also where you’ll find Chaltén Camp.

Chaltén Camp offers guests the chance to sleep beneath the Patagonian night sky in their luxury glamping domes. Each dome is a whopping 290 square-feet, has a bedroom and private bathroom, wood-burning salamander, cozy décor, and a panoramic living room with jaw-dropping views of Mount Fitz Roy. The dining dome sits at the heart of the camp and offers pre-set, three-step menus that change daily and are based on sustainable culinary techniques and local ingredients.

Guests can spend their days doing a host of outdoor activities in the nearby National Park. Book some time hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, salmon fishing, bird watching, and even mountain biking on some of the best trails South America has to offer.

4. Chile: Eco-Dome Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is a National Park on the Chilean side of Patagonia. The largest and most visited park in Chile, visitors love it for breathtaking glaciers, lakes, rivers, and mountains. Perhaps the most intimate way to experience all of the brilliant nature this park has to offer is by staying in its award-winning, sustainable dome hotel.

With four types of domes to choose from – standard, superior, suite, and suite loft – there’s an option for every traveler’s budget. Each dome is decorated with locally-made furniture and delivers a rustic-chic Patagonian vibe. The hotel also boasts a beautiful community dome, where guests can indulge in a breakfast buffet before setting out for the day and come back to a three-course meal at the end of it.

Communal tables encourage guests to socialize and get to know each other. You’ll also find a Yoga Dome, where yoga is offered twice per day and, when you need the ultimate in relaxation, book a massage in the Man Keokén massage room. You can also arrange for all-inclusive programs that include trekking, multi-sport excursions, and connecting with wildlife and nature.

5. Bolivia: Vintage Airstream Campervans

What was once a giant, prehistoric lake, Salar de Uyuni is now the world’s largest salt flat. The unearthly desert landscape that stretches for miles and miles in the southwest of Bolivia attracts thousands of visitors every year, but most only come for the day. If you want to enjoy these salt flats all to yourself, consider booking a vintage Airstream campervan for a few days.

These customized, 25-foot Airstreams are each outfitted with a private bathroom, a queen sized or two twin sized beds, a mini bar, and full heating to keep you warm on the flats overnight. There’s no wifi out here on the flats, so you’ll have to entertain yourself with the incredible vistas surrounding you.

You’ll also have access to lounge chairs, fire pits, and bicycles to explore the salt flats. And when it comes time to dine, allow yourself to be served inside your camper, in a dining tent, or exposed to the night sky.

Luxury Glamping South America with Kuoda

There’s no shortage of places to experience luxury glamping in South America. From safari-style camps on the Galapagos Islands to campervans on the Uyuni salt flats, glamping on this continent is among the best ways to truly immerse yourself and get intimate with nature.

Kuoda partners with a number of these glamping accommodations to bring you the best luxury experience you could ask for.  Contact us about any of the above glamping locations to learn more.


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