Kuoda’s Guide To A Family Summer Vacation in Argentina

Kuoda’s Guide To A Family Summer Vacation in Argentina

From bustling city centers to idyllic landscapes and adventure sports, Argentina is filled with unforgettable experiences for every age! Multigenerational families will have an abundance of activities to choose from so every traveler can enjoy the trip to the fullest. Before you start planning the details, use this guide to help inspire your perfect family summer vacation in Argentina!

The best destinations in Argentina for families

Buenos Aires

Explore the liveliness and colorful neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires.

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America, which can make it hard to decide where exactly you want to explore once your flight lands in Buenos Aires. Luckily, we have a few suggestions on which cities and regions are perfect for every type of family. Instead of rushing to see everything, you can take your time in the destinations that make sense with your dream itinerary.

Most travelers will start their vacation in Buenos Aires after an international flight from home, but don’t just treat this like a layover stop! Argentina’s capital city is bursting with energy and excitement. From delectable cuisine to historic architecture and a diverse art community, Buenos Aires is a great spot to spend the first few days of your trip. There will be something fun for every type of explorer here. Make sure you explore the La Boca neighborhood while you’re in the city! It’s full of color, art, music, and will give the entire family an afternoon of pure joy exploring local life.

El Calafate

Breathe fresh air in El Calafate in Argentine Patagonia, where you will see the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Another can’t miss spot in Argentina is El Calafate in Patagonia. This charming town is the gateway to so many adventures throughout the remarkable surrounding region, from seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier to exploring Argentinian estancias (a traditional South American ranch). This destination would especially suit families interested in adventure sports and nature excursions, as Patagonia is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for hiking through untouched landscapes.


Ushuaia is an unmissable place to see an amazing number of Penguins, and even more so if you visit with little ones.

Because Argentina is such a large country, there are plenty of destination options for every age group. If your family is made up of all adults, you may want to spend some time in wine country together! For parents with kids who love wildlife, a trip through Ushuaia is a can’t-miss experience to see some penguins, marine life, and more. While planning, thing about the activities you want to include on your family summer vacation in Argentina and Kuoda will help find the perfect destinations to suit your needs.

What to see and do during your summer in Argentina

There’s something for everyone in this beautifully diverse nation. Families can dedicate their entire trip to one shared interest, or find a multitude of adventures for every unique bucket list! Explore a few of the best family experiences in Argentina, and allow it to inspire your itinerary.

Iguazú National Park

Visit Iguazu National Park and take a tour to see the largest waterfall in the park: Devil’s Throat.

Among the most unique destinations in Argentina is Iguazú National Park, home to a massive horseshoe waterfall system that will leave you awe-inspired after seeing it in person. Iguazú is a more off-the-beaten-path spot that will take at least a full day to visit. But, the reward is seeing a naturally occurring UNESCO World Heritage Site in all its glory! Hike through the lush surrounding jungles, see the largest waterfall in the park known as Devil’s Throat, and even take a boat ride that feels like a rollercoaster as you get drenched sailing under the falls.

Los Glaciares National Park

Kayak in the most crystalline lakes of Los Glaciares National Park, home to more than 300 glaciers.

Visit Los Glaciares National Park for a complete change in scenery. Home to over 300 glaciers that cascade into icy blue lakes, one of which is the famous Perito Moreno Glacier wall. Many travelers come here to hike along the rugged trails in search of the best views possible, but you can also kayak in the crystal lakes, or even river raft through the Rio de las Vueltas. The call of adventure is strong here, so if your family is ready to brave the elements be sure to include this spot on your trip!


Relax in the Cachueta Thermal Baths and enjoy a moment of peace.

For a more relaxed vacation, travelers can head to Mendoza, famously known as the hub of Argentina’s wine country. However, there is much more than meets the eye in this romantic part of the nation. The Cacheuta Water Park is a great place for parents to relax in warm thermal baths while kids explore the slides, wave pools, and float down the lazy river. During the winter, you can also trade in the waves for shredding the snow with a ski trip to Las Leñas. This is one of Argentina’s largest ski resorts and would make for an excellent family vacation spot.

The best time to visit Argentina

The best time to visit Argentina

Plan your Argentina trip between September and November or between March and May.

Due to the sheer size and regional diversity of Argentina, planning a trip can be a bit tricky if you want to do a lot of different things. Seasonal variations are important to keep in mind for your family summer vacation in Argentina. From June – September, Argentina is in its winter season which makes it excellent for families who want to go skiing and avoid large tourist crowds in places like Patagonia. However, conditions may be a bit harsher in some areas, so you’ll need to pack accordingly. The shoulder seasons are optimal for traveling to Argentina, so if you can plan a trip between September – November or March – May, you and your family can explore more of this region much more comfortably.

While organizing your trip, you’ll also want to plan travel days into the itinerary. Getting from one bucket list destination to another in Argentina may require a few hours in the car or even an additional plane ride if you travel from Buenos Aires all the way into Patagonia. Don’t squeeze too many activities into those travel days! Keep them stress-free by giving you and your family plenty of time to get comfortable in every new location.

Create your families perfect Argentina itinerary

Every family is unique, so depending on your travel style you may want different activities, accommodations, and destinations! Maybe you want to go on Kuoda’s family adventure through Southern Argentina, but you’d like to add a day or two to the itinerary. Or, perhaps you’d rather stay in the north and see some of the hidden gems of Argentina!

Every trip is tailored to your family’s needs and wishes. Planning the trip with Kuoda ensures you have a customized travel plan to suit your specific goals. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more culturally immersive? We’ll book you a stay at an estancia that teaches you about the history and culture of Argentina gauchos. Or maybe you’d prefer something more action-packed? Kuoda’s travel designers will find the best outdoor activities with expert local guide to get the adrenaline pumping.

Let us know what your dream family summer vacation in Argentina looks like, and we will work with you to make that a reality.

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