5 Romantic Bolivia Destinations For The More Adventurous Couple

5 Romantic Bolivia Destinations for the More Adventurous Couple

In a 2020 poll of over 2,000 Americans, 61% said they’ve taken a vacation to reignite the spark of romance in their relationship. There’s no doubt that traveling with your significant other is a great way to rediscover the romance that can be lacking in everyday life. And while Paris, Rome, or Vienna are among some of the most popular, traditional romantic destinations, we want to offer you something different in romantic Bolivia.

For the couple looking to be a little more adventurous in their romantic getaway, Bolivia is a choice destination. Here you’ll find all the staples of romance – world-class restaurants, luxurious spas, quaint towns – all amidst some of the world’s most striking landscapes. From soaring Andean peaks over the world’s highest navigable lake to glamping domes sitting on 4,000 square-mile salt flats, here are Kuoda’s top 5 romantic Bolivia destinations for the more Adventurous Couple.

1. Salar de Uyuni

Uyuni salt flats

The Salar de Uyuni salt flats are all that’s left of a prehistoric late that evaporated long before any of us walked this planet. Stretching for as far as the eye can see, (4,050 square-miles to be exact), quilted, polygonal patterns of salt make for one of the most extreme and remarkable landscapes in South America, if not the world. During wet season from November to March, the heavy rains pool on the flats, turning them into a mirror-image reflection of the sky above.

As one of the most popular tourist sites in Bolivia, you can beat the crowds and make this a luxury, romantic trip to Bolivia by staying at Kachi Lodge. This collection of luxury dome tents sit directly on Uyuni, each impeccably designed and decorated to offer guests the ultimate comfort at almost 12,000 feet altitude. Get comfortable by the fire under a canopy of stars, wake up to undisturbed sunrise views, and enjoy gourmet meals courtesy of award-winning La Paz restaurant, Gusto.

2. Samaipata


In the Eastern foothills of the Bolivian Andes, you’ll find Samaipata, an old German and Dutch settlement that’s unlike anywhere else in the country. Its tropical feel and reputation for excellent hospitality have attracted a burgeoning expat community, which means you have access to creature comforts not often found in the country side.

Couples will enjoy strolling through Samaipata village itself, with its cobbled streets, colonial buildings, little art shops, and cute cafes. One of the most romantic hotels in Bolivia, you’ll find yourself well-taken care of at El Pueblito Boutique Hotel, a 4-star boutique resort hotel equipped with restaurant, swimming pool, bar, shared lounge, and sun terrace.

When you’re not being pampered at your hotel, take a day to sip wines with your love at “Viñedos”, one of the oldest wineries in the region, or walk together amongst the cloud forests, waterfalls, and diverse birdlife of Amboró National Park. 

3. Isla del Sol

isla del Sol Bolivia Romantic destination

As we’ve already mentioned, Bolivia is a landlocked country. Meaning that is has no access to the spectacular sunsets and sunrises of the Pacific or the Atlantic. But that doesn’t mean it’s short of incredible bodies of water and wonderful vistas.

Indeed, Bolivia is where you’ll find Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world and another one of our favorite romantic locations. Take a romantic catamaran ride across the lake to Isla del Sol.

On the way, you and your SO will take in breathtaking mountains-scapes above the lake. Upon arrival, you can take some time to relax on the beach together. Don’t miss Las Velas while you’re here, an intimately rustic restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner of world-class Italian cuisine.

4. Tarija

Tarita lago San Jacinto

Close to the border with Argentina sits the small and charming town of Tarija. Besides the incredible history and culture, access to outdoor and mountain activities, and incredibly friendly people, Tarija is the epicenter of the blossoming Bolivian wine industry. And nothing says “romantic trip to Bolivia” more than a wine tasting at some of the best vineyards in the country.

Follow up a day of vineyard touring with a boat ride on Lake San Jacinto, where Andean sunsets will capture your heart. Along the plaza, you’ll find high-end restaurants and a fun nightlife that includes dance clubs and pubs. Coimata waterfall offers some natural swimming holes and, thanks to the warm climate, you might really need a quick dip if you’re visiting from December through to February.

5. El Chorro

El Chorro

This is a list of romantic destination Bolivia for the more adventurous couple, so we’d be remiss not to mention the abundance of opportunities for getting outdoors and into nature. Among our favorite ways of indulging in the flora and fauna here is trekking the infamous El Chorro trail.

This 2-3 days hike is relatively easy to complete without a guide, since it’s mostly downhill and very well-marked. You and your partner have plenty of alone time together while you walk along this pre-Hispanic Inca route that goes from snow-capped La Cumbre into the lush rainforest of Los Yungas valley. You’ll pass hot springs, hanging bridges, and have a chance to see some of the most diverse ecosystems in Bolivia.

Discover Romantic Bolivia with Kuoda

For the more adventurous couple, there’s a romantic Bolivia side that will fulfill all of your hopes and dreams for the perfect couple’s getaway. From relaxing on the beach of Isla del Sol and wine tastings in Tarija to hiking El Chorro, you can find luxury, great dining, nature, and romance everywhere you go in Bolivia.

Choose from one of our top 5 recommendations and you won’t be disappointed. But there’s actually even more to see and do than we could possibly list in one quick guide. To create your ultimate romantic Bolivia getaway, talk to our itinerary experts today.

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