5 Destinations For A Luxury Romantic Getaway in Colombia

5 Destinations For A Luxury Romantic Getaway in Colombia

Whether you’re searching for the perfect backdrop to your honeymoon or simply want to escape with your loved one, a luxury romantic getaway in Colombia is a dreamy way to spend some time traveling as a couple. From breathtaking natural reserves to colonial-era cities, this nation is a mosaic of enchanting experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Often, travelers have overlooked Colombia, viewing it as little more than the gateway to South America. However, in the last two decades, people from around the world have started to realize the magic coursing throughout this part of the world. Decorated with landscapes that will leave you speechless, rich in cultural heritage, and inhabited by a passionate, artistic population of warm and welcoming citizens, Colombia is a romantic paradise that every type of couple can fall head over heels for. These five destinations offer some of the most amazing experiences for a honeymoon in Colombia, a special anniversary getaway, or simply a vacation with the person you love most.

– Dance Through The Streets Of Cali

Dance Through The Streets Of Cali

Go back in time and stay at Alko Hotel Casa Nispero, where modern and architectural styles come together.

Known as the salsa dance capital of the world, Cali is a city that feels alive with passion and energy. As one of the first colonial settlements in Latin America, this destination is adorned with historic architecture that weaves seamlessly with the modern rhythms of its population. Spend a few days here to experience a lively romantic adventure, filled with delicious food, exciting music, and – of course – nights filled with dancing.

No luxury romantic getaway in Colombia is complete without the proper accommodations. In Cali, couples will have plenty of unique hotel options to consider depending on what you’re looking for. Step back in time to an artistic colonial villa at the Alko Hotel Casa Nispero, where traditional and modern architectural styles harmonize to create a beautiful, relaxing haven. For a more chic option, consider the Now Hotel, a boutique experience complete with a sleek rooftop bar and pool.

When you’re ready to explore the dynamic city of Cali, head to one of the many renowned bars or clubs for a bit of salsa dancing with the locals. The Barrio Granada neighborhood is famous for the many different clubs and bars that line the streets, each offering a more sophisticated nightlife experience compared to some of the younger destinations around Cali. If you’re not quite ready to step out and dance at a club just yet, take a salsa class together and learn from an expert for a fun and immersive activity in the city.

– Disconnect From Reality In The Tatacoa Desert

Disconnect From Reality In The Tatacoa Desert

Escape from the daily routine on a romantic trip for couples to the Tatacoa desert.

One of the best reasons to take a couples trip is to escape the daily routine back home. Disconnecting from the world outside and enjoying one another’s company in peace is an essential part of any romantic getaway, and no destination is better for this than the Tatacoa Desert.

When you think of romantic Colombia destinations, the desert may not be what comes to mind. But Tatacoa is different. It’s not just hot sandy stretches of land as far as the eye can see. It’s an otherworldly ecosystem with masterful rock formations, winding hiking trails that allow you to get lost in the magic, and crystal-clear night skies that make this destination perfect for stargazing. If you’re willing to head off the beaten path, Tatacoa is an exquisite destination for a luxury romantic getaway in Colombia.

Couples who enjoy a bit of physical activity during their vacations should hike the Tatacoa Red Desert Trail for a picturesque morning weaving across the unique scenery. If you’d prefer something a bit more laidback, you can enjoy the scenery on the horizon while lounging poolside at one of the luxury hotels, like the stunning Bethel Bio Hotel.

– Enjoy A Cultural Tour Of Villa De Leyva

Enjoy A Cultural Tour Of Villa De Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a Historic town with beautiful colonial architecture, perfect for a romantic stroll.

Beautiful colonial architecture lines the old streets of Villa de Leyva, a small town known for its historic significance. This is a destination ideal for couples that wish to be transported back in time, where they can enjoy the old world charms and a slower-paced lifestyle. A walking tour of the well-preserved historic center is a must, which includes a visit to the Plaza Mayor as well as some of the important churches, like Iglesia del Carmen.

Take a short trip just outside the main city and you’ll find Pozos Azules, a collection of small lakes that shine with bright blue and green colors and make an excellent backdrop for a romantic stroll under the sun. Remember to take some photos here together to remember the beauty of Colombia!

Villa de Leyva is also close to some small Colombian vineyards that would be ideal for a romantic wine-tasting experience. Most people think of Argentine or Chilean wine tours when considering a trip to South America, but these wineries provide couples with a more intimate experience that you and your partner will remember forever.

– Uncover Colombia’s Hidden City, Mompox

Uncover Colombia’s Hidden City, Mompox

Travelers love Mompox for its idyllic atmosphere, resembling a storybook setting.

Originally, this unknown town was a settlement established for traders and wealthy Spanish travelers who wished to escape the threat of pirate invasions occurring on the Caribbean coast. That was in the 1500s. Today, the city of Mompox is a true hidden gem few people add to their itinerary, but it is a perfect place for couples that want to take their time exploring at ease.

The main reason travelers love visiting Mompox is because of the idyllic atmosphere that makes the town feel like a storybook setting. Colonial streets are decorated with colorfully painted buildings, intricately designed churches, and locals who are happy to welcome travelers to their homes for a few days. Mompox is also situated right along the Magdalena River, so you could venture out beyond the town and go on a sailing tour. This would be perfect for wildlife lovers who have a particular interest in birdwatching. Time your sailing tour just right and couples can relax in the Ciénaga de Pijino while the sun sets beyond the lake’s horizon.

Here, you’ll also find some charming restaurants offering a delicious spot to eat, such as Fuerte San Anselmo. This restaurant has a stunning courtyard dining space where you can sit back and enjoy some surprisingly delicious pizzas, which is perhaps a surprising culinary option but give it a try while you’re here! And for some authentic Colombian gastronomy, Condor Costeño is the place to go, located on the main boulevard just past Parque de la Inmaculada Concepción.

– Go Glamping In Santa Marta

Go Glamping In Santa Marta

Mamancana Nature Reserve is ideal for a luxury getaway in Colombia.

Unimaginable landscapes surround you in the city of Santa Marta. Lush green foliage married with vivid blue waters and golden sand, this beachy community is an excellent destination to spend a few days glamping together.

Glamping (a portmanteau for “glamourous camping”) offers travelers all the comfort of a luxury travel experience with the sustainability of ecotourism. It’s a unique travel style designed to provide travelers with a more elegant option but still immerses them in nature.

Santa Marta has some excellent glamping sites to explore. One of the best is the Mamancana Nature Reserve, which is ideal if you want an extra level of indulgence on your luxury romantic getaway in Colombia. This site not only provides elegantly designed accommodations but also offers guests an array of spa treatments to deepen their sense of relaxation.

As you start planning your couples trip to South America, allow Kuoda to help organize all the details for you! We’ll help you find the best destinations for your travel needs, select expert tour guides to ensure you get the most out of your trip, and secure excellent accommodations to maximize your comfort everywhere you go. Talk to one of the Kuoda experts and let us know what you’re looking for during a luxury romantic getaway in Colombia! We’ll help curate the dreamiest vacation for you and your loved one.

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