How To Make The Best Out Of Chile’s Copiapó Valley

How to make the best out of Chile’s Copiapó Valley

Copiapó Valley, the northernmost wine valley in the country, and forms part of the Atacama Desert region in Chile. The Atacama Desert is the driest non-polar desert in the world, where small winemaking projects are irrigated with water sourced from natural oases.

Copiapó Valley is really proof of the value of persistence, since the wineries in this destination of origin have faced and overcome the difficulties of the climate and land conditions. Most of the vineyards in the valley are planted with Pisco grapes, but there are a variety of other grapes planted here too which are utilized for the production of different kinds of wine.

We at Kuoda have taken the time to put together a complete guide when traveling through Copiapó Valley. So, keep reading if you are a love nature, history nerd, or if you are a potential Chilean Wine Lover.

Visit Fajardo Winery and its Vineyards

Fajardo Winery and its Vineyards

Between the desert plains and the hills of the stunning Atacama-dessert, the ancient valley of Copiapó is home to a vineyard famous for its sweet wines: Viña Fajardo. The vineyard has been around for more than seventy years, and is of great importance in terms of cultural heritage.

Different wines are offered at Viña Fajardo and all are completely handmade. The entire process, including the selection and cutting of the grapes, is carried out by hand. White wines, red wines, rose wines, chicha and golden tea (aged sweet wine) are some of the flavors that you can expect to taste here.

Don Celestino Fajardo Troncoso was the man behind the traditional vineyard. The idea was born out of the need to provide more affordable wine. Most wines in the southern area of Chile were not affordable for many during the fifties. Don decided to start wine production, being a pioneer in the elaboration of good quality artisanal wine that is accessible to all.

Natural Attractions

• Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde

This beautiful lagoon has a very unique color, and is better known as the famous salt-lake of Chile. It is a rare site of nature and when traveling through Copiapó Valley it is a definite must-see. Other than the stunning green color of the water, the lake is surrounded by high mountains and volcanoes.

Ojos del Salado, one of the volcanoes that can be seen from here, is the highest active volcano in the world. Mountain climbing is a popular excursion, and although the climb might be difficult, the breathtaking view from atop of the green lagoon will make the journey all worth it.  The lagoon is elevated at 4200 meters, and the gorgeous fauna and flora make stunning photos for your collection.

• Ojos Del Salado

Ojos del Salado

Ojos Del Salado is a place not to miss when visiting Copiapó Valley. It is the second highest peak in South America, and is the highest active volcano on the planet. Even though the whole area that provides a border between Chile and Argentina is abundant with volcanoes, Ojos Del Salado definitely dominates them all.

Due to the Atacama Desert and its surroundings, Ojos del Salado is mostly dry and rocky. Only the peak is covered with snow, which gives it its gorgeous, picturesque appearance. Like Laguna Verde close-by, the peak has a lot of salt deposits that you can see in its glaciers. This is why it is called “Ojos del Salado” – which translates to “salty eyes”.

• San Francisco Pass

San Francisco Pass Copiapo Valley

This pass creates a road connection between Argentina and Chile. If you are traveling by car, taking the thrilling San Francisco Pass is something to experience. This nail-biting pass reaches and elevation of 15 577 feet above sea level. The one part of the road in Chile is dusty and rocky, and the Argentinian side is paved.

You will be treated by the wonderful scenic view of the high peak of Ojos Del Salado Mountain, and taking stops along the way provides great opportunities to take loads of photos. There is hardly any traffic, so the pass is quite easy to cross and taking regular breaks are totally doable.

• Incahuasi


This is a stratovolcano situated on the border of Chile and Argentina. A stratovolcano is a volcanic mountain, and this one is at the top of attractions in the Andes Mountain range.  Many tourists include Incahuasi on their itineraries when traveling to Chile. Due to the steepness of the mountain, climbers need to evaluate it carefully before embarking the climb.

Even though it is a challenging climb, apparently it is one of the most fun excursions in Incahuasi. For non-climbers, there are also hiking routes that can be done in a few hours, or a full day. The summit peaks at 6621 meters above sea level, and the volcanic mountain is home to a caldera of 3.5 kilometers wide and 2 stratovolcanoes.

Don’t forget the city center

Plaza de Armas is the point of convergence of the city center, and it is a place where families meet, children can play, and employers come to relax under the shades of the ancient trees. You can see statues dedicated to the miners, and admire the three-story belfry and neoclassical façade of the cathedral.

Learn more about the mining heritage of the region through the display of minerals at the Mineralogical Museum. There is also the Atacama Regional Museum which showcases 12 000 years of human existence in the desert. You can learn more about the War of the Pacific, at the Historical Military Museum and the role of the Atacama Regiment in the battles.

Enjoy with Kuoda Copiapó Valley with Kuoda

With its unique, long geography and its different temperatures and cultural influences, Chile is a must-see destination in beautiful Latin America. Copiapó Valley offers an authentic experience, for wine-lovers and nature enthusiasts – as you will know now after reading this article.

Coming all the way to Chile, you would probably prefer seeing other spots, and planning a cohesive itinerary like this one can face a lot of challenges. We at Kuoda understand the obstacles and frustrations that are involved in this kind of planning, and that is why we have a dedicated team of trip designers who are ready to help you.

We are very passionate about our customized luxury travel packages, and we can create the perfect one for you and your family. Contact us today and talk to one of our team members, so we can learn more about your specific needs.

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