Best Time to Visit Chile

Best Time to Visit Chile

Chile is a vastly diverse country in South America and offers a wide spectrum of expeditions and activities to experience. It has a very unique shape as it has a stretch of land running northsouth with the sea to the west and mountains along its eastern border. The shape of the country gives it great variety. You can find ski resorts and stunning beaches both a short journey away from the capital city Santiago. Chile has something for everyone because of this mix of snow and sunshine. If you head towards the north of the country, you can find the Atacama Desert, the driest place on the planet! So, depending on your personal interests and mood, here are the best times to visit Chile.

How to visit Chile

How to visit Chile

Chile is an exciting destination where you can experience incredible treks, climb an active volcano, surf in worldclass waves and taste some of the world’s finest wines. By carefully planning your itinerary you can make the most out of your time during your visit to this authentic land, and save time and energy which can greatly influence your travelling experience. We at Kuoda are trained professionals in the field of luxury tourism and we are available to you for more information about planning your trip to Chile. Get in contact with us, and speak to one of our trip designers today.

Weatherin Chile

Weatherin Chile

Chile has seven major climatic subtypes – low desert in the north, alpine tundra and glaciers in the east and southeast, tropical rainforest in Easter Island, Oceanic in the south and Mediterranean climate in central Chile. The four seasons start with summer from December to February, autumn from March to May, winter from June to August, and spring from September to November. With such an interesting geography, the seasons effect the country differently depending on where you are:

• North Chile

The driest region in the country lies in North Chile. The cold Humboldt current causes mists that are constantly forming along the Pacific Ocean coast, but it rarely rains. Antofagasta has hot summer temperatures from December to February with cool to warm winters from June to August.

• Central Chile

This region has a Mediterranean climate. Winters are very cloudy, cold and wet. During spring you can experience good weather and temperatures begin to rise, but rain can still appear. In summer it can get really hot and it rarely rains with clear and warm skies. In fall the weather is pleasant like in spring.

• South Chile

Characterized by rigid, windy and humid oceanic climate, with low temperatures. The climate is temperate oceanic in the Valdivia region with warm summer temperatures from December to February, and cool to cold winter temperatures from June to August. Heavy rainfall is expected from April to September, the wettest month is Jun.

• Austral Chile

Heavy rainfall is experienced throughout the year in the northernmost area of southern Chile. The summer temperatures are quite cool and it can reach below 10 degrees during winter. The extreme south of the country is drier and colder, and it rains less throughout the yea.

Best Time To

• Visit Patagonia

Best Time To Visit Patagonia

Patagonia is well-known for its unique beauty – boasting beautiful mountains, wildlife and protected national parks. The Southern Hemisphere’s summer, spring and winter are great seasons to visit Patagonia as these seasons offer the opportunity to dive into a variety of excursions that this natural stunner has to offer. In the months of December to January, March to April and July to August, you will experience the different natural life for every season in Patagonia. The fall is also a beautiful time to visit as Patagonia shows off many beautiful colors as the season changes to winter.

• Go Trekking

Best Time To Go Trekking

Chile is a country characterized by its natural and cultural richness. One of the best ways to experience mother nature in her finest is through hiking. There are many trails to discover, especially from South Santiago to Puerto Varas. The best time for hiking in Chile is during South America’s spring and summer months, from October to March. In March the weather starts becoming cooler, with light showers, which means less crowds on the trails. To hike the Atacama Desert the best months are June to January and Eastern Island with its subtropical weather is great for hiking between March and December.

Best Time For

• Sightseeing

Best Time For Sightseeing

Chile is a land to explore and discover as it offers some incredibly beautiful sites like fruitful winelands, ancient volcanoes, lush forests, stunning coasts, pristine lakes, popular art cities, cultural museums, and more. If you travel further north, you can find the driest place on earth The Atacama Desert. There is literally something for the whole family. The country can be visited all year round, but March to April and September to November are the best months for sightseeing.

• Stargazing in Chile

Best Time For Stargazing in Chile

Atmospheric conditions such as dry air and many high-altitude regions make Chile a great place to observe a sparkling night sky. The best time to see the stars in the Southern Hemisphere is in the fall or spring. The fall and spring months offer clear night skies and run from March to April or September to October. These weather conditions are excellent for stargazing, with rare cloud coverage in the Andes and almost no rainfall at all in some places. The best place in Chile to experience stargazing is the Atacama Desert.

• Cycling

Best time to Cycling

The Southern Hemisphere’s fall and spring are the best times to cycle in Chile. Explore and discover the mountains, seaside, lakes, and plains on two wheels. Adventure through the Andes, the desert, the coast, and more. A perfect way to explore this country with your family or loved ones. The best months for cycling are from March to April and September to December. The weather conditions during these autumn and spring months are the best for taking the bike for a spin.

• Wine Tasting

Best Time For Wine Tasting

With an astounding range of micro-climates and landscapes, Chile is an enchanting destination for wine lovers. The country’s vineyards grow in fertile lands between the Andean Mountains and the coastal South Pacific Ocean in gorgeous scenery. The best time to visit Chile for wine tasting is in the fall which runs from March to April. It is possible to visit the wineries in Chile all year-round, so if you can’t take a vacation during the fall season, you can still enjoy a wine trip any time of the year.

The Ideal Time for

• Families

The Ideal Time for Families

Chile is a wonderful place for families to travel to. The unique culture of Chile, the gorgeous nature sites, and diverse variety of excursions offer something for everyone to enjoy. Some activities that can be done as a family include pottery classes, stargazing, desert exploring, hiking or a trip to Patagonia. The best time of the year is from March to April and October to November. These are the spring and autumn seasons, which provide pleasant climates and little to no rain.

• Couples

The Ideal Time for Couple

Chile provides luxurious travelling experiences for couples. Wine tasting, stargazing, and delicious local cuisines are just a few examples of what the country has to offer to spice up the romance during your trip as a couple. The spring and autumn months of March to April and October to November offer the best weather conditions to participate in more of the outdoor expeditions.

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