Where To Stay In The World’s Largest Waterfall System: Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

Where to Stay in the Worlds Largest Waterfall System Puerto Iguazu Argentina

As the late Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly proclaimed when she feasted her eyes on the one and only Iguazú Falls, “My poor Niagara!”

Poor Niagara indeed, really all other waterfalls pale in comparison to the great Iguazú waterfall system, splayed across the Argentine-Brazil border in a magnificent horseshoe. Comprised of 275 individual cascades, the Iguazú Falls became a UNESCO natural heritage site in 1986. Aside from absorbing the impactful sight of rushing water and countless rainbows, you can also wander a labyrinth of boardwalks, take a helicopter ride, embark on a jungle walk through the incredibly biodiverse habitat, and zipline!

Arguably, it is more advantageous to stay in the Argentine side of the falls in Puerto Iguazú or within the National Park itself, seeing as 80% of the falls lie in Argentina and 20% in Brazil. From Argentina, you can make an easy day trip over to the Brazil side to see the famous Devil’s Throat waterfall, where “an ocean appears to plunge into an abyss.” Read on to learn about our top accommodation picks in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, from three stars all the way to five!

1. Selvaje Lodge Iguazú

Relatively new on the Iguazú hotel circuit, Selvaje Lodge Iguazú has been serving up impeccable service and tranquil ambiance since 2018. Selvaje is a three-star property offering twelve suites in two modules connected by a suspended walkway in the middle of the jungle of Puerto Iguazú.

Something to keep in mind is that they don’t allow bookings for children under 15. However, this could be a plus for those seeking a serene backdrop for a honeymoon getaway in Iguazú!

2. O2 Hotel Iguazú

Our four-stay hotel pick, O2 Hotel Iguazú, brings you to the heart of Puerto Iguazú and very close to the best restaurants in the area. You also have a breathtaking view of the Iguazú River. Not to mention, O2 Hotel represents the most sustainable accommodation option on the Argentine side of Iguazú Falls.

In fact, their mission is to become the most modern and sustainable in the entire country. The hotel is committed to heating all of its water from renewable energy, using only LED technology and an ozone-friendly, energy-efficient refrigerant gas for their air conditioning!

3. Loi Suites Iguazú

Consider Loi Suites Iguazú for some luxurious five-star treatment in the Iryapú jungle of Puerto Iguazú. Like O2 Hotel Iguazú, Loi Suites works towards continued maximum sustainability. For instance, they built the property in harmony with nature without disrupting the lush vegetation. The minimalist design especially stands out in the tiered pools immersed within the jungle, where individual trees shoot up from unique floating platforms.

Loi Suites is also very family-friendly, offering an exclusive space for little ones called “LOI KIDS,” where they can engage in cooking classes, art workshops, pool activities, movie nights, and Karaoke!

4. Gran Melia Iguazú

For spectacular views of the Iguazú Falls from your hotel room, look no further than The Gran Melia Iguazú Hotel, formerly belonging to the Sheraton family. The Gran Melia is the only hotel on the Argentine side of the falls within the National Park of Iguazú.

This hotel’s privileged location allows you to bask in Iguazú’s splendor for the entirety of your stay. Complete with an infinity pool, exquisite restaurant, four bars to choose from, sauna, and health and wellness center, The Gran Melia offers a luxury resort experience alongside one of the world’s most precious natural wonders.

When you take your one-of-a-kind journey to Argentina, consider making the quick hop, skip, and jump to the world’s largest, and by far most impressive, waterfall system. Contact us for ideas on how to incorporate Iguazú Falls and these unique properties during your trip!

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