11 Must-See Art and Culture Experiences In Argentina

Must See Art and Culture Experiences In Argentina

Overflowing with creativity and passion, art and culture experiences in Argentina are not difficult to find. From sipping wine to watching soccer, dancing tango in the streets to innovating new art styles – Argentina is a magnetic country that lures in people from around the world, eager to see just a fraction of the wonderful creations from here.

Below are eleven of the best things to do if you’re the type of traveler who would prefer spending the entire day wandering the halls of a museum than lounging by the ocean. See some of the world’s greatest works by artists like Van Gogh, discover emerging trends from some of Latin America’s rising creatives, and learn a bit more about how regional culture has evolved throughout time.

– Explore World Famous Art Of Latin America And Beyond

Explore World Famous Art Of Latin America And Beyond

Explore Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, a vast collection of art including works by Picasso, and more.

In Buenos Aires, you will find dozens of different museums that feature a variety of art types. From small galleries to large institutes, it is one of the best cities in Argentina for art lovers. It’s especially famous for having large, international collections that highlight some of history’s greatest artists. There are several great destinations to visit if you’re interested in art history beyond the borders of Argentina.

Spend a day wandering the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and surround yourself with the great works of Picasso, De la Vega, Pollack, and more. Home to over 12,000 works across various mediums, the expansive collection stretches across space and time. Art from pre-Columbian, colonial, Argentinean, and international destinations are all on display in this historic archive. Even if you spend a full day strolling through the hallowed halls here, you still may not see everything that makes up this beautiful gallery.

If you want to dive deeper into the art history of this region, visit the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano. Attention here is focused on Argentina’s greatest artists, such as Emilio Pettoruti, Matta, and Vega. They also feature regular exhibitions that celebrate Latin art of all kinds, from modern creations to historic pieces on loan from other museums around the continent.

And if you would like a live art experience, grab a ticket for a theatre show at Teatro Colón. Established as an opera house in 1857, this performance space has been part of Argentina’s history for centuries, and carries on the tradition of live performance for all who want to see how art evolves over time, even if the script does not change.

– Discover The Best Of Modern Artistic Currents

Discover The Best Of Modern Artistic Currents

Visit Fundación PROA for a dynamic art experience that reflect 20th and 21st century art movements.

Of course, a city like Buenos Aires is not one to be stuck in the past. Nicknamed the “Paris of South America,” this city is beloved for having such a magnificent, innovative culture living in conversation with the rich history that serves as the city’s foundation. While you’re visiting Buenos Aires, take some time to explore these art and culture experiences in Argentina that reflect the modern creatives rising throughout the nation.

At Fundación PROA, art is constantly rotating to ensure that the exhibits reflect the artistic currents of the 20th and 21st centuries. The efforts here are aimed at evolution, encouraging artists to experiment and try new things, bringing technology, performance art, and even interactive exhibits into the conversation. It’s worth a stop if you find yourself bored at more traditional museums, and want to see how the boundaries are being pushed across all mediums.

If you would like to study a bit more about modern art and its most influential contributing artists, take an afternoon to explore the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. Here you’ll find internationally renowned artists featured in the permanent collection, names like Matisse and Picasso, so it is a great place to learn about how modern art has evolved in the last century.

And for a look at the most modern art possible, go on a walking tour of Buenos Aires and take in all the street art decorating the sides of buildings, alleys, sideways, and billboards. This is a much more authentic experience where you’re immersed in the city and a great way to explore beyond the four walls of a museum!

– See How Art Appears In Nature

Perhaps you’re less interested in painting and sculptures and more fascinated by the natural art created by the earth. If that’s the case, be sure to visit Museo de la Plata. With exhibits that examine the raw elements of the region, this is an amazing museum for those who want to learn about the various ecosystems throughout Argentina, and even see how some indigenous communities lived off the land before colonization began.

Step even further back in time with a trip to the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio, which exhibits tons of the dinosaur fossils unearthed across Argentina and Patagonia. Before it became the vibrant nation it is today, filled with dance, food, and wine, Argentina was home to some of the largest animals man has ever known. If you’re a dinosaur lover, this is a must-see art and culture experience in Argentina.

– Learn More About Latin American Culture

Learn More About Latin American Culture

High Mountain Archeology Museum exhibits the famous three “Llullaillaco children”.

It would be impossible to travel through Argentina without feeling the energy of a dynamic cultural history coursing around you. From the edge of Patagonia to wine country in the north, today’s population has developed a culture marrying indigenous tradition with global influences. And, before being filled with bustling cities and trekking excursions, Argentina’s land overlapped with the Incan empire.

Get to know a bit more about this pre-Hispanic history with a trip to the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña, located in the northern region of Salta. Famously, this museum has three Incan children, known as “the Llullaillaco children”, on display to help educate guests on why they were sacrificed. The rest of the museum is a space that encourages interaction, education, and community building in an effort to keep pre-Hispanic stories alive and well-known throughout the world.

For a taste of some modern cultural pleasures, spend a day at El Museo Del Vino Y La Vendimia, which teaches you about the way wine became such an integral part of Argentina’s culture. Located in the heart of Mendoza, this museum is also a great launching point for anyone interested in touring some vineyards where you can enjoy a live tasting and test your skills as a sommelier.

If it is not clear already, Argentina is a nation with an abundance of art and culture experiences to discover. This list is just the beginning of what is possible on your vacation! Learn even more about the possible activities you can add to your Argentina itinerary when you talk with one of the Kuoda experts and start planning your getaway now!

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