5 Adventures For The Ultimate Luxury Trip To The Andes Mountains

5 Adventures for the Ultimate Luxury Trip to the Andes Mountains

If a luxury South America trip is on your bucket list, the Andes Mountains are probably a destination of interest. Cascading down the western half of South America is one of the world’s most impressive mountain ranges, home to rich ancient cultures and unforgettable adventures. As the longest continental range on Earth, the Andes Mountains cut across seven countries, forming deep valleys and skyscraping peaks. Travelers seeking a luxury adventure through the Andes may struggle to know where to start when it comes to planning the perfect South American trip. Luckily, Kuoda has the most exclusive insider tips for you, including these five must-do excursions for the most eager thrill-seeking travelers.

Plunge Into The Rushing Rapids Of The Urubamba River

Rushing Rapids Of The Urubamba River

Adventurers of all levels will find something exciting to do in Peru’s most important river, the Urubamba River. To the Inca people, the curves and winding waves were thought to be a sacred reflection of the Milky Way, making its way from the Andes to the Sacred Valley and across Peru. Today, travelers from around the world visit the Urubamba River for its variety of water sport adventures!

Among the most popular is white water rafting. Most rapids in the Urubamba range from class 3 to 4, making it a more difficult set of waves, but all the more invigorating for the bold and daring adventurer. Sailors start above Cusco as you head to the Chuquicahuana section of the river, where the waters are cool and clean, and the water unfolds from gentle bends to increasingly intense drops and rapids. The most fun parts of the river take you on a luxury tour through the canyons of the Andes Mountains.

Explore Andean Blue Lagoons With Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding Luxury South America Trip

For smoother sailing, enjoy a luxury paddle boarding trip in one of the calm lagoons of South America’s stunning mountain peaks. Head into the Andes towards the Urcos Lagoon, where a small town sits on one side of the water, while a breath-taking mountain juts up towards the clouds on the other. Here, travelers will unload and prepare for a peaceful afternoon of paddling across the water’s surface.

If you’re eager to take your excursion to the extreme, head to the world’s highest point for paddle boarding which occurs at Huaypo Lagoon in the Andes. Emerald green waters dance gently under your board, as you sail across the lake elevated 3,500 meters above sea level, a staggering 11,400 feet. Although the sport was not officially recognized in ancient Peru, fishermen in the Andes used stand up paddle boarding on handmade reed boards called “Caballos de Totora,” or “reed horse.” At this altitude, surrounded by impressive mountains and Andean communities, your day of adventure will also be an exciting step back in history!

Fly Over The Mountain Lakes Of Mendoza

Zip lining Mendoza Argentina

While enjoying a luxury trip through South America’s vibrant Argentinian paradise, don’t miss the opportunity to soar across the most majestic landscapes. The mountain range here is a combination of expansive desert landscapes and turquoise waters, making every moment feel picture perfect. Zip lining through the Andes is certainly one of the most exciting adventures available, and requires zero experience! Every traveler who wants to defy gravity and take a leap of faith will be able to do so with this unbelievable excursion.

Zip lining tours start high in the mountains, and slowly bring you deeper into the valleys of the Andes. Flyers will start with shorter, simpler tracks that allow you to gain confidence before the more serious ziplines begin. At first, soaring through the skies might be a truly frightening experience. But slowly, as you adapt to the weightless sensation and take in the truly awe-inspiring views, the adrenaline junkie takes over and embraces the wild ride. Feeling comfortable in the air? Try a few new positions! Hang upside down and watch the world go by from a whole new perspective for the ultimate bucket list worthy experience.

Embark On A Horseback Expedition Across The Andes

Horseback Expedition Luxury South America Trip

Those seeking an immersive, multi-day tour of the Andes that offers more than just a few hikes in one region, consider a horseback adventure for your next luxury trip to South America! Equestrian tourism is an exciting niche travel option for those who want to leisurely explore the region, but still crave a bit of excitement throughout their journey.

Crossing from Argentina to Chile on horseback is the perfect example of the ultimate vacation idea for a private, custom tour of South America. Unpredictable weather makes every adventure unique, challenging travelers to enjoy mother nature in all her glory. Many historic figures have done their own trek through the Andes on horseback, whether it was to trade or explore. Today, travelers can experience the majesty of South America’s vast mountain range for themselves with guided tours and luxury outdoor accommodations. Cross crystal clear bodies of water, trek up steep slopes, and journey through the lush valleys on a wild, once-in-a-lifetime ride!

Bike From Patagonia’s Mountains To The Pacific Ocean

Bike From Patagonia Mountains

At the southernmost tip of South America, outdoor adventures await at every twist and turn of Patagonia, where people gather from all over the world to enjoy luxurious views and thrilling excursions. If a multi-day trip across Patagonia is calling out to you, enjoy a mountain biking trek across the region from the Andes all the way to the ocean!

A private, guided biking tour is a perfect addition for an athletic luxury trip to South America. Riders can experience all the splendor of Patagonia in both Argentina and Chile, climbing up intense hills and gliding across open plains in each diverse destination. Rivers, forests, cliffsides – the expansive natural wonders of Patagonia are at your fingertips whilst biking cross-continent. While you’re riding, see if you can spot some of the unique wildlife who make this region their home!

Whether you want a simple, one day excursion to add to your custom itinerary, or you’re looking for a full luxury trip through South America full of outdoor adventures, there is plenty to do just in the Andes Mountains! Experience ancient history in the most exciting way with Kuoda’s recommended adventures, and make your dream vacation come true.

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