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Kuoda’s Guide To The Most Romantic Experiences in Peru-2

Couples that love to travel together will find unforgettable romantic experiences in Peru to relish together. From five-star dining to restorative spas and cultural activities, there are so many dreamy opportunities that would make for an amazing trip with a significant other. As you uncover the wonders of Peru, remember to take your time in each destination, savoring one another’s company just as much as the experiences you’re sharing.

While planning your romantic trip to Peru, use this as a guide for where to stay and eat, as well as what to see and do. Our team has thought of everything, selecting the finest restaurants and most unbelievable excursions that make for a perfect couples retreat.

Savor an intimate luxury dining experience at Maido

Savor an intimate luxury dining experience at Maido

Chef Mitsuharu “Micha” preparing one of his dishes

Discover the unique culinary style of Nikkei, invented by Chef Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura, a native Lima resident with roots in Japan. Combining these two distinct identities in a mosaic of culinary wonder led to the development of a totally new type of gastronomy. Travelers from near and far line up eagerly to taste Nikkei food, so it is no doubt something to include during your romantic getaway.

Couples can sit down for one of the world’s best dining experiences, exploring flavors that seem oppositional but work in blissful harmony. At Maido Restaurant, innovation is at the center of every dish. Chef Tsumura’s work will leave you impressed and elated with his presentation of Nikkei food.

Choose between three unique packages, the standard culinary experience, the veggie experience, or the Nikkei cuisine and drinks pairing experience. We recommend this last one for the most romantic dinner option. Every flavor is elevated by the perfect drink selection to heighten your senses and enhance the dishes.

Live Like Incan Royalty at Sanctuary Lodge

Live Like Incan Royalty at Sanctuary Lodge

Entering the Sanctuary Lodge in Machu Picchu

One of the most favorite sites in all of South America can be found in Peru. The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is one bucket list experience every traveler has. Couples craving an excursion to this stunning site should elevate their journey with a stay at the Sanctuary Lodge.

This exclusive hotel is located next to Machu Picchu making it an unbelievable place to spend a night or two on the journey to this historic landmark. Few travelers get the opportunity to sleep like Incan royalty, which is what makes this lodge such an ideal destination.

You’ll enjoy sunrise breakfasts together, overlooking the stone arches and winding paths of Machu Picchu as the golden hue of light washes across the mountains. And, since you’ll be sleeping in the shadow of the lost city, you’ll have easy access to this UNESCO Heritage Site. Instead of camping out on the ground, couples will stay in private rooms, with access to a stunning orchid garden and relaxation terraces surrounded by majestic vistas.

If you and your partner want the best of both worlds: adventurous excursions and lavish accommodations, this is the best way to achieve that.

Experience Lake Titicaca in Style at Titilaka


Sharing a special moment preparing a bonfire on the outskirts of Titilaka

Known as the birthplace of the Inca Empire, Lake Titicaca is one of the most serene places in Peru. The massive body of water invites travelers to disconnect from the stress of their daily lives, and instead feel nourished by the blissful natural landscapes and unique cultural experiences.

As you venture around the lake, one place to stay for couples who seek excellence is at Titilaka. Perched along a private peninsula, this hotel gives guests an incredible sense of privacy and peace, immersed in the enchanting landscape. You’ll get to choose between four types of rooms, each with different offerings and magical views.

The hotel also gives you the opportunity to explore the lake’s most important sites, including the floating islands that are the home to the Uros people. This indigenous community is known for crafting their islands out of reeds, a genuinely incredible tradition that has left travelers astounded every time they visit. Meeting the Uros people is a must during any trip to Lake Titicaca.

Hed Into the Jungle With an Amazon Cruise

Hed Into the Jungle With an Amazon Cruis

View of the Amazon from inside the cruise

For an exciting addition to your romantic getaway to Peru, couples should book a spot on a luxurious Amazon Cruise down one of the world’s most fascinating rivers. There are plenty of reasons to embark on a cruise through the Amazon, from wildlife spotting to connecting with remote indigenous tribes. But the best part for couples will definitely be the simple pleasure of sailing down one of the most beautiful rivers in the comfort of your five-star ship.

How often will you get to encounter the wild jungle from the comfort of a yacht? This is a rare opportunity that adventurous couples will love! And, if you want even more ways to escape into this lush terrain, there are several excellent jungle lodges you can stay in to get an even deeper connection with the Amazon.

Unwind at Lima’s Hotel B Luxurious Rooftop

Unwind at Lima’s Hotel B Luxurious Rooftop

Embark on a sailing trip on the Lima’s Coast, Photo Source hotelb.pe

Peru’s capital of Lima is an energetic city, filled with passion and pride that flows throughout the streets. Exploring this city is a must during any trip to Peru, but when you’re ready to relax, step onto the rooftop of Hotel B, a Relais & Châteaux property.

This world-renowned hotel is not only an excellent place to stay during your trip to Lima, but it also offers amazing experiences right on the property. Book a cocktail class with your partner for a romantic evening drink, or enjoy a yoga class on the rooftop for a wellness experience together.

Romantic Peruvian Paso Horse Ride in Moray

Romantic Peruvian Paso Horse Ride in Moray

Horses coming down from the mountains of Moray, Cusco

Add a bit of adventure to your romantic trip to Peru with a horseback excursion through Moray. Trot across the picturesque valley with an expert local guide who will explain the unique history of the local ruins.

Once used as an agricultural laboratory by the Inca people, the Moray Ruins now stand as a testament to the innovation and advanced technology of this empire. A horseback journey to this location will give couples a chance to see the surrounding lands before exploring the fascinating destination up close.

Escape to Paracas for A Beach Getaway

Escape to Paracas for A Beach Getaway

A couple on the beaches of the Paracas Reserve

So far on this romantic trip to Peru, you and your loved one have explored the Andean mountains and Amazon jungle together. You’ve lounged in Lima and adventured through the Sacred Valley. Now, it’s time to wander through Peru’s amazing beaches in Paracas.

Book a say at Hotel Paracas, a luxury resort right on the shores of Paracas National Reserve. Here, travelers will have incomparable views of the waters, access to a five-star luxury spa, exquisite dining options, and an amazing private suite to enjoy together.

Plus, access some of the most unreal landscapes in the surrounding reserve. You’ll want to book an excursion to see the Nazca Lines, a mysterious ancient site that still mystifies historians today.

There are so many romantic experiences in Peru to enjoy with your partner, whether you’re both foodies who want the most authentic cuisine or adventure lovers looking to chase thrills. Plan your couple’s trip with Kuoda and we’ll make sure the vacation is as dreamy as possible while meeting all your travel goals.

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