Kuoda’s Guide To A Romantic Trip to Argentina

Kuoda's Guide To A Romantic Trip to Argentina

Couples can enjoy the best of both worlds during their romantic trip to Argentina, from action-packed adventure excursions to lovely, serene walks in wine country. There is no better backdrop for a couple’s vacation in South America! But where to begin? With so many stunning landscapes and beautiful cultural experiences to discover, it might be overwhelming to think about planning the perfect vacation for you and your loved one.

Use this Argentina travel guide to inspire your romantic adventure! Our team of travel experts has thought of everything, from delicious food to luxurious hotels so all you have to do is decide when you want to get on the plane with your partner.

– Start in Buenos Aires, a City of Passion and Excitement

As you arrive in Buenos Aires, you will begin to feel the passionate pulse of tango flooding the streets of this majestic city. There’s no better way to start your trip than an energetic tour of this eccentric urban destination!

Immerse Yourselves in the Romantic Rhythms of Tango

Immerse Yourselves in the Romantic Rhythms of Tango

Starting your trip off with a tango class is the best way to begin your tour of Argentina! Dance lessons in Buenos Aires are not only a fun cultural experience, but they provide couples with a one-0f-a-kind date night to begin their vacation.

If you prefer something less interactive and want to be entertained by professionals, opt for a tango show! There are master performances happening all the time in this city, a great date idea to pair with a luxury dinner at Chila.

Dine at The Finest Restaurants

Photo Source: Chila TripAdvisor.com

Earning a spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, Chila is a fine dining establishment in Buenos Aires that is not to be missed. Chef Pedro Bargero has curated an exquisite menu that takes you on a flavor tour of Argentina. Every dish is a masterpiece, and as you finish the last bite of dessert you’ll be ready to book a second reservation!

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more casual, enjoy cocktails inspired by different parts of the world at Verne Club, a speakeasy specializing in craft drinks and bar bites. Everyone here is having a good time, sipping and conversing in the dimly lit, classically designed bar that feels like a true prohibition-era cocktail club.

For the perfect morning pastry to start your days, visit Cocu Boulangerie, an authentic French spot that’s great for warm coffees, sweet pastry, and a delectable brunch the entire city raves about! A romantic trip to Argentina is not complete without a leisurely morning with your loved one, and this charming bakery is the best destination for it.

Become Master Polo Players

Become Master Polo Players

Photo Source: puestoviejo.com

If you want a unique day trip to enjoy together, why not try your hand at polo? Test your skills with a Polo Day at the Puesto Viejo Estancia, which is only a few hours from Buenos Aires! Ride horseback and learn how to master the art of one of Argentina’s most popular sports.

While football (or soccer, for Americans) does dominate the athletic scene in most countries, polo is a surprising competitor for this nation’s favorite pass time! This equestrian sport will challenge and excite travelers who are trying the game for the first time.

Explore The Art of Latin America at MALBA

The Art of Latin America at MALBA

Photo Source: Facebook Museum of Latin American Art

Did you know Buenos Aires is considered the Paris of South America? Celebrated for its vibrant art scene, this city provides culture-loving couples and artistic partners with a chance to explore some unique pieces.

Spend a day wandering through MALBA, the Museum of Latin American Art. Some of the most influential artists have permanent installations here, including Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. MALBA also has an expert rotation of contemporary artists from across South America, so you will be able to study modern movements as well as Latin art history during your tour!

– Travel South to Explore Patagonia and El Calafate

After a few days in Buenos Aires, it’s time to relax with an immersive trip to Patagonia, and no city is a better starting point than El Calafate. This is where couples can take a deep breath, see some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, and cozy up in five-star lodges for a luxury Argentina vacation.

Visit Los Glaciares National Park For A Bucket List Experience

Visit Los Glaciares National Park For A Bucket List Experience

One of the best reasons to visit Patagonia is to see Los Glaciares National Park, an official UNESCO Site with untouched arctic scenery covering the continent. Rugged mountains covered in snow and ice surround the vibrant turquoise waters of Argentina’s largest park. Travelers come from around the world to hike the terrain and lay eyes on the monstrous Perito Moreno Glacier

Couples can bundle up and set out on a kayaking tour of this glacier, seeing the ice formations up close. Or, spend your time in the park on a heart-pounding trek if you prefer something on dry land! There are plenty of unique tours from Patagonia experts who can teach you all about the unique ecosystem and untouched wonder of this frigid, beautiful landscape.

Spend Time On An Authentic Estancia

Spend Time On An Authentic Estancia

Photo Source: Facebook Estancia Nibepo Aike

Argentina’s gaucho lifestyle dates back centuries, and the estancias they roam have been passed down from generation to generation as living museums highlighting local culture. El Calafate is located close to many of the most amazing estancias, giving couples the opportunity to ride horseback on a romantic tour of Argentina!

Among our favorite estancia experiences is Estancia Nibepo Aike, owned and operated by the same family for over one hundred years! You and your partner can stay the night in this charming ranch home for a peaceful getaway while immersing yourself in the gaucho lifestyle. The highlight here is most certainly the horseback tours and hiking around the property, but couples will also enjoy some amazing dining options prepared with ingredients harvested on the property!

Indulge in the Simple Pleasures of Patagonia

Indulge in the Simple Pleasures of Patagonia

Photo Source: eolopatagonia.com

One of the best ways to spend your romantic trip to Argentina is a slow, peaceful few days enjoying one another’s company and the raw beauty of Patagonia. Immerse yourselves fully in that beauty when you stay at Eolo Relais & Châtaeux, a luxury lodge located just outside the main town of El Calafate.

Eolo embodies the spirit of Patagonia. The property is built on a 10,000-acre estancia, surrounded by nothing but the natural world. You will stay in one of only seventeen rooms, so it is guaranteed to be a relaxing escape. Designed with understated elegance, Eolo allows couples to embrace the splendor of Patagonia while enjoying the gift of five-star accommodation and amenities!

– Discover the Stunning Beaches of Claromeco and Pehuen-Có

After exploring the icy mountains of Patagonia, it’s time to discover a completely different side of Argentina! Pehuen-Có and Claromeco are beautiful coastal towns along the Atlantic that offer quiet oceanfront adventures typically overlooked by tourists! That guarantees you and your partner will enjoy a few days of peaceful beach lounging before heading elsewhere.

Enjoy the Slow Beach Life For A Few Days

Enjoy the Slow Beach Life For A Few Days

Sit back and relax on the white sand beach watching the sun light up crystal blue waves at Claromeco’s noteworthy stretch of shoreline. Locals often spend their summers here, spreading out along the coast and soaking up the sun for the most carefree days imaginable. This beach town is an opportunity to enjoy an intimate escape, swimming in the ocean and sunbathing for hours on end.

Over in Pehuen-Có, you will discover the same luxury of Claromeco’s serenity, and the added gift of some beachfront bars and restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner while watching the sunset. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to slow down, savoring moments of quiet with your partner.

– Sip Your Way Through Mendoza

Would it be a romantic trip to Argentina if you did not embark on a tour of the country’s most impressive wine region? There is so much to discover here, you’ll want to return together and enjoy Mendoza on its own! But, getting a taste of all that Mendoza has to offer is an amazing way to end your dreamy couples’ vacation.

Take a Private Tour of Argentina’s Vineyards

Take a Private Tour of Argentina’s Vineyards

For a charming day of wine tastings and wandering through beautiful landscapes, take a private tour of Mendoza’s stunning vineyards! There are so many locally owned properties to discover here, it’s impossible to visit them all. But, a private excursion will allow you to sample wines from the best of the best and explore some of the most beautiful properties in the entire region.

You can even stay overnight at one of these luxurious wineries, like the Cavas Wine Lodge. This boutique hotel offers an upscale yet whimsical charm that every couple should experience. Nestled at the foothills of the Andes, this lodge is one of the most romantic places in Argentina. Colorful sunsets paint the sky each evening so you can sip some of the local bottles while enjoying the scenery.

Soak in the Cacheuta Hot Springs

Soak in the Cacheuta Hot Springs

One of the best day trips from Mendoza has to be a visit to the Cacheuta thermal baths, a relaxing and unique experience. A good soak in these mineral-rich waters will not only help you unwind together but help any headaches you may be experiencing from all the delicious wine sampling!

The Termas de Cacheuta have many different kinds of pools, including an adults-only pool if you want to escape some of the busier areas. Their outside baths are the best since they overlook the stunning Andes mountains! But you can also escape to the private spa which may not have the views, but does offer a blissful serenity for an afternoon of self-care.

Taking a romantic trip to Argentina is the best way to deepen your love for one another, explore the world, and enjoy some of the most noteworthy sites in all of South America! And while this guide is an excellent start to planning your dream getaway, there is plenty more to discover. Talk to a Kuoda travel expert and start curating your perfect couple’s trip to Argentina!

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