Best Educational Experiences For Kids In Peru

Best Educational Experiences For Kids In Peru

Some of the best experiences for kids in Peru are so much more than just a fun memory on the family trip abroad. This country is full of history, culture, and unique wildlife that all serve as an amazing opportunity to educate your kids about our world! But don’t worry, these experiences won’t feel like a school trip at all. Instead, you and your kids will be immersed in the wonders of Peru, adventuring through stunning landscapes and exploring ancient civilizations all while learning about this historic destination.

Depending on how deep you want to dive into Peruvian culture, Kuoda can tailor your itinerary to include as many activities as possible to provide a fun yet enriching vacation. From day trips to Incan archeological sites to overnight homestay experiences in the Andes – we’ll help curate every detail of your family trip to South America.

– Visit The Rainbow Mountain For A Nature Lesson

Visit The Rainbow Mountain For A Nature Lesson

The colors of Peru’s Rainbow Mountain are created by a scientific phenomenon that contains fourteen different minerals.

For kids that love playing outside and learning about nature, take a day trip to Vinicunca, also known as Rainbow Mountain, standing at 5,036 meters (16,522 feet) above sea level. This geological landmark draws travelers from around the world to see the colorful peaks in person. For families with active kids who love being outdoors, this is a must-see in Peru.

Vinicunca became one of the most popular travel spots thanks to the multicolored peak that looks completely magical. But, the rainbow effect is actually created by an amazing scientific phenomenon! Fourteen different minerals make up the colorful face of this mountain. The unique environmental conditions, years of weathering, and the sediment within this region all contribute to the rainbow effect.

Spend a day hiking through the Andes for an incredible learning opportunity one of nature’s incredible works of art. The trek takes about three hours, so families with older kids seeking an outdoor excursion – this is for you. Don’t forget to spend a few days acclimatizing to the increased elevation in the Andes, which you can do in the city of Cusco!

– Discover The Lost City Of Choquequirao

Discover The Lost City Of Choquequirao

Choquequirao was an Inca refuge against the Spanish, its name translating to the “Cradle of Gold”

When discussing the legacy of the Incan Empire, most people immediately think of Machu Picchu, the city perched on a hill in the Sacred Valley. However, the Inca’s heritage is much larger than you may know. Learn about the last refuge of the Incas with a trip to Choquequirao.

Now, the trek to this site is a bit intense. Families traveling with little kids may want to visit another of the famous Incan sites, like Huayna Picchu (the sister mountain to Machu Picchu) or the Moray terraces. But, for older families who travel seeking adventure, Choquequirao is one bucket list experience you’ll never forget.

Camping in the Andes as you hike to the last-ever refuge of the Inca’s is an excellent way to immerse yourself in history. Loosely translated to “Cradle of Gold,” this site was used by the Incas when the Spanish began to arrive in South America. The Incan people fled here to protect themselves in a final attempt to regain power just before their incredible reign came to an end.

For now, this refuge remains a hidden gem, relatively unknown to most travelers. This means you and your kids will get a chance to explore with fewer tourist crowds, and really soak up the ancient energy of this destination. Your guide will teach you all about the historic site, the Incan empire’s rule over South America, and even provide some lessons about the surrounding natural landscapes along the way!

– Encounter Strange And Wonderful Wildlife In The Amazon

Encounter Strange And Wonderful Wildlife In The Amazon

The Amazon is home to the rare pink dolphin that you can observe while on your cruise excursion.

One incredible way to discover Peru is with an Amazon Jungle Cruise. You and your kids will meet all sorts of animals as you sail through one of the most unique regions on Earth. There are luxury boats to accommodate all your needs comfortably, and provide you guidance through the jungle.

Kids who love animals will find this adventure especially exciting. The Amazon is home to so many unique creatures like the pink river dolphin, river otters, howler monkeys, red-bellied macaws, and more! Or, if your family is more interested in settling down and staying in one part of the jungle for a few nights, consider staying in one of the luxury Amazonian eco-lodges. These allow you to explore the Amazon sustainably and comfortably, as you and the kids head out for daily expeditions through the jungle.

– Learn About Peruvian Culture With A Hacienda Stay

Learn About Peruvian Culture With A Hacienda Stay

Hacienda Huayoccari in Valle Sagrado is an excellent option to enjoy the dance of the paso horse.

If you want to learn about the agrarian culture of the Sacred Valley, a hacienda stay is one of the best experiences for kids in Peru. This is unlike any hotel experience you’ve ever had. Guests will be immersed in authentic traditions, from weaving textiles by hand to the Peruvian Paso show with dancing horses.

Hacienda Huayoccari is an excellent option for anyone intrigued by the hacienda lifestyle. Once upon a time, this location produced the most precious Incan crop: white corn. Today, the doors are open for guests who love to learn from the locals! Enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine prepared fresh every single day, browse the hacienda’s own private collection of art and artifacts, explore the majestic gardens on-site, and go on a horseback riding tour with the kids to learn about the land surrounding this ranch from the experts.

– Study Artisanal Art Forms With A Pottery Class in Urubamba

Study Artisanal Art Forms With A Pottery Class in Urubamba

At Ceramica Seminario located in Urubamba, children can create their own cworks of art with clay.

Get a literal hands-on experience with the kids when you book a pottery class in the town of Urubamba. Throughout history, clay has been an essential material used in ancient Peruvian artwork. Archeologists have discovered clay pottery works from nearly every pre-Hispanic culture we know of from this region. Today, the art form is kept alive by pottery masters like Pablo Seminario, who teaches about the importance of pottery as an art form in Urubamba.

At Ceramica Seminario, kids can craft and decorate their own works of art after going on a tour of the studio which displays many of Pablo’s pieces. The class allows kids to engage with an ancient art form, and experiment with their own personal artistic style! Experiences like this are the best way to engage with a culture for little ones. The activity keeps them entertained with ease, but also provides them an opportunity to connect with locals who are gently teaching them about the history of Peruvian art!

– Plan Your Family Trip To Peru With Kuoda

Looking for even more exciting experiences like this to enjoy on your family trip to Peru? Talk to a Kuoda expert and we’ll customize the perfect adventure! Traveling with kids can be stressful, but with our team, you’ll be able to explore stress-free while making memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you’re planning your first ever vacation with the kids, or you’re trying to find something that even your teenagers will enjoy – Peru is an excellent option for family travel. From the splendid natural scenery to the astounding historic sites, there is something fun for every type of kid (and every type of parent!) to enjoy.

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